Friday, October 24, 2008

The annual pumpkin walk!

Every October, North Logan puts on the annual pumpkin walk and I love it! Last night, we went with my mom, my nephew Trayson, and my brother to enjoy the first night of festivities. Here are my favorite highlights:

Although it's a bit chilly in Logan at night at the end of October, we sitll had a good time. Trayson LOVES pumpkins, so it's a lot of fun to see him so excited about them. We began this tradition years ago, when my oldest nephew (who is 9 now!) was just a babe. It's lots of fun, and I just wish my other nephews and niece could come and enjoy as well. Hooray for the pumpkin walk!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random weekend o' lovely fun

This last weekend our good friends the Morby's invited us to go up to Bear Lake with them for a fun night sleepover at Callie's grandparent's condo. We were excited to get away for a mini vacation. Friday night, we went to Bear Lake Pizza to have the Ol' Ephraim Pizza. Pictures are the only way I can describe it.

We had very full bellies. It was 29" of absolute deliciousness. We obviously couldn't finish the pizza in one sitting and get our picture on the wall, but it was still way awesome and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! It was quite possibly the best pizza I have ever had.

We spent all day saturday just playing and taking it easy. The lake was freezing, but wonderful still. We played with all of the shells on the bank, and threw rocks of course! We played volleyball, frisbee, lawn darts, etc. What a great way to relax and enjoy some beautiful fall weather.

Thanks Morby's!! We loved it. It was also our 2nd anniversary on, how time flies when you're haing fun! We didn't really do anything to celebrate; Nate's busy with school. Maybe in december, or next semester, or maybe in the summer we will celebrate. :) Love you babe.

Friday, October 10, 2008

This past week has been pretty wonderful. Of course, it began with General Conference.

When I was younger, I remember just thinking it was a time for naps and we didn't have to go to church. Now I feel like I just can't enough. I think it's a really cool feeling to picture all of the members all around the world dedicating their time to hear from the brethren. I am greatful for the opportunity I had to be edified and to learn.

On Tuesday, we got to go see our FAVORITE band:


Nate and I have always wanted to see these guys in concert and both never have had the chance. We bought the tickets back in the summer, and have been so excited! It was by far one of THE BEST concerts I have ever been to. They were such entertainers, but of course, we didn't expect anything less. My sister Stacey was there too, and I always have a good time when she was around. I havent been to a show in a long time, and I'm beginning to think I am too old for this stuff; I am still recovering from not getting enough sleep that night. Wouldn't take it back though!

I still love my job, really. I don't know if there is a better way to spend the hours in the day and get paid for it. Every day is a good day, and I look forward to going, just not getting out of bed in the morning cold!

Nate is working really hard in school; there are jsut not enough hours in the day. So of course, what does he take out of his schedule so he can spend more time with schoolwork/research? Sleep! The guy never sleeps, I swear. But I sure do, cause there is no point in me waiting up for him at night and I have nothing else better to do. Last night, I think I was in bed at about 9:35; I am awesome!

I am excited for the weekend. The plan is to go to the Temple, go see a movie, grocery shop, winter proof our house, and complete the decorating of our house-finally. :) Hopefully, we get to do it all (or I get to do it all, cause let's be honest, Nate will probably just be doing homework). Enjoy the weekend! All you Loganites, watch out for the coming snow.

PS anyone have any really great, simple, nonexpensive ideas on what I can dress up as for Halloween in my office???