Thursday, February 25, 2010

Practically All Grown Up

This Lil' Buckaroo had his first shots. Though you'd never know it by the way he was acting!

Until later that night. (He did try mightily to woo the nurses and doc with his big smiles to get out of those nasty three jabs. They didn't give in, but I do like to think it made them feel a little worse than usual.) We went through a pretty rough two hours where he just cried and cried and cried. His rolly polly thighs were just a hurtin'! He wouldn't even eat (which is certainly not like him!), just cry. So we cuddled and cuddled. After that, he was Mommy's All Star for the rest of the night.
Lately, Evan has loved to stare at himself in mirrors. He recently found the mirror on his play gym. I think he could spend all day looking in that mirror if his mean ol' mom didn't make him leave it to do other things, like eat and sleep.
We recently tried out tummy time. I was scared Evan would just scream his head off. Instead, I got this:
"So, is this supposed to be hard or something?"
After about 5 mins of bobble-heading around, he decided he needed a rest. Or maybe he was just bored.
Grandma Fuller brought this fun present from a friend when she came to visit. Maybe when he grows into it a little more, he'll love it more. But we sure do think it's pretty darn cute!
I've been getting better at multi-tasking, or atleast trying. Evan doesn't really seem to like the idea of me doing something that doesn't involve playing with him.
One day, Evan was doing reverse abdominal curls on his blanket. He was lifting his legs so high his little bum was coming off the couch. So I decided we could try out the Bumbo (that a fabulous friend let us borrow) and see if he was strong enough for it yet.
He looked like such a little boy sitting up all by himself!! We couldn't believe it. What happened to our baby?! After snapping a few quick photos, I quickly removed the little man and snuggled him immediately. No growing up, I say!
He seems to really enjoy it. Who knew a small rubber chair could be so much fun. I guess he likes feeling like a big boy (tear).
The weather here has been quite lovely lately. Evan even got to wear shorts one day! (This may or may not have been because everything else he owned was in the laundry at the time. I can't remember.) At least I'm hoping they were supposed to be shorts! He sure is growing. As you can see, he has nearly outgrown his changing pad. It's been 2 months, people! Here are his 2 month stats. I'm sure that if you aren't a parent or if you aren't Evan's parent, you really don't care about these numbers. But I still like to share.
Head circumference=16.25" (@birth=14") 75%
Weight=12.9 lbs (@birth=8.10. This is quite the accomplishment, because with his jaundice he got down to 7.20) 75%
Length=24.5" (@birth=22") 95%
I'm so proud of my little guy for growing so well, but not ok with the fact that he is acting like he is practically all grown up!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Love Filled Blessing

Oh, how I love holiday weekends. Especially this last one! We had Evan blessed and were fortunate to have lots of family and visitors for the special occasion. We LOVED sharing our town, home, and baby. We had a blast all weekend long, and today Evan and I are recovering with lots of naps. Sorry, Daddy, that you had to go back to work!

Note: This post contains LOADS of pictures. And they really aren't in any order because that takes way too much patience and today I am tired. :)

My gorgeous flowers from my sweet, thoughtful husband.
We had a red and pink themed dinner after the blessing. BBQ beef sandwiches, cherry limeade slush punch, veggie salad, strawberry yogurt salad, red peppers and cherry tomatoes to munch on, pink rice krispy treats complete with red m&m's, mini raspberry cheesecakes, and a plethera of Lofthouse Valentine cookies thanks to Grandma Susan.

Sisters. Precious.
The whole clan.
The Evan's. This is Nate's best mission buddy, who just happens to be named Evan. He came over from Vegas to share the weekend with us.
Our little fam. Evan was SO good through his blessing and church. He just stared at his daddy with his big blue eyes during his blessing, then fell peacefully asleep in mom's arms for the rest of Sacrament. After church however, Evan just wanted to eat, not sit around and pose for pictures. We had such a special day. How fun to share it with Valentine's!
Trayson really loved our fish pond. We are so very glad the weather was so perfect for our visitors! They came from snow storms to a glorious 70 degrees.
This was Trayson's first trip out of Utah, and he became obsessed with palm trees.
Evan enjoyed all of his snuggle time with Aunt Stacey.
We wore Trayson out from the weekend. This is how he spent the majority of his last evening in "Canifornia", just laying on my floor. He really loved my floor.

Evan making faces at Grandma Susan.
We had a daddy photoshoot. This is the best we can do, seeing as how we aren't professionals. The creativity is there, but the skill is not.
Baby feet are all small. But when you compare them to your Daddy's size 16 feet, they are really, really small. And even cuter.
Even before Evan was born, Nate was always telling me how he wanted a picture of his and the baby's feet.
There was a lot of relaxing outside for the weekend. Again, thank you weather for making the very, very, very long drive worth it to our family!
We took the whole fam to the Naval Air Museum on Base where Nate works, because that's pretty much the only thing to do in Ridgecrest. :) Evan seemed to really enjoy it!
Trayson with more palm trees and planes with propellers and missles just his size. How much better can life get?!Aunt Stacey and Evan loving the tour of the museum. In Evan's defense, Stacey has magical sleeping powers that she emits on him. Every time she holds him, he falls asleep. I'm sure he really was totally interested in the tour his Daddy was giving on weapons developed at China Lake.
Giant propellers! Trayson loves fans, propellers, and now palm trees. He's obviously very into a certain shape.
Trayson's first meeting with the fish. He had a blast feeding them and wanted to feed them all day long! I think the fish were very appreciative of all the attention Trayson gave them over the weekend. They have kind of been put on the back-burner since the baby arrived. :)
Evan having a blast in Grandpa's lap. Who knew there were so many ways to hold a baby?
Anxiously awaiting his guests arrival...
My little monkey loves to dance like a monkey, especially when Ellen comes on!
We can't get enough of our monkey. His daddy always says, "What if I just want to eat him up?" It may sound a little creepy, but we just love him so much! I'm sure other parents can understand.
Evan received this awesome gift in the mail last week, from a very dear friend in Utah! We are both so in love with it.
Here is the star of the show himself, in his blessing outfit and with his favorite blankie made by great-gram Betty. He is very excited about getting a name! :)
We are so greatful to all those that were able to make the trek to the desert and share this time with us. To the rest of our family, we missed you and hope we can see you soon!!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Things we love lately...

Bath Time! Yes, he may look like a nun, and yes, he may look frightened. But he really is starting to enjoy his baths! I promise!!

A big pudgy belly!
Finally!!!! Evan is really starting to fill out and we love his rolls and double chin.

The new playmat Grandma gave us!
Watching Evan discover his playmat!He often has his legs straight up in the air. Good ab workout, I guess. I love that too!

How bright eyed and alert he is!
And his perfect blue eyes. Cross your fingers they stay that way!
Evan LOVES smiling lately. And that's what I love most of all!!
Ooh! And that we are having visitors come this week!!!!!!! We are so excited! I'm sure there will be lots more photoshoots. :)