Thursday, January 21, 2010


Not only have I recently taken on the role of mother, I think Paparazzi also comes to mind. My poor child can only put up with so much: "Mom, seriously. Enough with the pictures. I'm sleeping!"

Evan had his first bath, and wasn't real sure what to think of it:

He kept looking to his Daddy to save him:
As long as he can cuddle on Mom's shoulder, he's very happy.
(What dark circles under my eyes? It may or may not have been very late at night...)
We tried out the swing for the first time:
He seemed bored, and it did not last long. "Really, is this the best you can do for my entertainment?"
We are starting to catch smiles here and there, since he is awake and alert much more these days. He's got a pretty cute side smirk that cracks us up.
This is what happened when I told him it was snowing outside!
He was so excited he could hardly stand it! He really is our child!!
I was singing and dancing because it was snowing, and he seemed to find that pretty funny.
So I haven't ever measured my torso, but I'm thinking it's at least 22 1/2 inches long!
When Evan stretches out on me, it blows me away how long he really is.
Lately, he's enjoyed sitting on my lap:
Does he think he is a big boy or something?!
Here is the backyard when the afore mentioned snow started:
I didn't think it would stick, so I had to catch it while it was coming!
The view of across the street:
Much to our surprise, it just kept coming down!!
I love the palm trees covered in snow!
I was beyond giddy all day!!! For the first time I can think of, I was so happy to be living in Ridgecrest!
I just can't get enough of this sweet little face.
I wonder what he dreams about???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey, Monkey

I don't know why it took us so long to decide on a name for our child. He is rarely ever called Evan. According to my sisters and and 5 year old nephew (who apparently spends too much time with my sisters), he is Elf. Every now and then, I put actual clothes on him, instead of just pajamas. On those days, he is Little Man or Munchkin.

On this particular day, he was Bear Bum. (Clever, huh?)When we gave him a bath the other night, and saw him without all of his clothes on, we were reminded just how dang skinny he is! For that time being, he was our scrawny alien.
I managed to put his teeny tiny hair into a mohawk as it was wet. Too fun.
He didn't so much love the idea of bathing, but he definitely loved being all cuddled up in his big towel that Grandma made.
We also lovingly refer to him as Milk Breath, One-eyed Jack, Fussy Gus, Cuddle Bug, Big Eyes, and sometimes, The Little Rat (by his father only), which always makes me laugh out loud. Poor kid.
Won't you come and play with me?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a Merry Christmas, and such a Happy New Year

Our story begins Tuesday, December 22. It was our last night of "freedom", and we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant (that we have found here so far) to celebrate. We were scheduled for an induction Wednesday morning, being 41 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. One final prego shot; you can't get much more pregnant than this.

I will spare you ALL the nitty gritty details. The shortened condensed version of our story is that after 6 hours on pitocin, when a strong contraction would hit (which I wasn't feeling at all) the baby's heart rate would drop significantly. In a whirlwind of 20 minutes, we were told I was being pulled off the pitocin and it was for the baby's best interest to arrive via emergency c-section. I had a momentary complete breakdown. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I do this? My sweet husband reassured me my body was completely prepared and capable for labor, but the baby was obviously not. A few positive things that kept me from hyperventilating: I would see my baby in approximately 30 minutes; not too shabby for having waited the last ten months. My doc used to be a plastic surgeon before he was an OB, so atleast my scar would be pretty. He had already perfromed 2 c-sections that morning!(these ones the women CHOSE), so I trusted he had a steady hand. In the end, we knew it was for the best. Come to find out, it most definitely was! The baby had the cord wrapped around his neck twice, so every time I had a contraction, he would basically yo-yo in my belly, trying to drop down, but couldn't go anywhere, thus dropping his heartrate. The surgery went well and quickly, though the baby needed immediate oxygen. I felt him come out, but we didn't hear him cry for a little awhile. We finally heard him (onset of more tears), and the nurse brought him over to us for about a minute before he was whisked off for testing. Nate then left my side to go with the baby, and I was glued up and sent to recovery. Nate did a great job of capturing lots of "first" moments for me, since I didn't get to see the baby for about an hour and half.

8 pounds, 10 ounces. 22 inches long. And huge feet!

The nurses kept calling him "Beefy", but he was still SO small to us.
It was pretty sweet to me to see the INSTANT daddy kick in. I absolutely love it.
When Nate gave me the baby, it was so surreal. I definitely remembered being pregnant, remembered the very odd sensation of the baby coming out during the surgery, but I was still having a really hard time grasping the fact that this new little man was mine.
After two days, and MANY phone calls from grandparents and aunts, we finally chose a name.
But according to my sisters, you can just call him Elf.
He was such a chunky little Elf! But a very cute and content one.

Since I've never NOT had a baby during Christmas time, I don't know how much free stuff you get. But the pink ladies at our hospital really went to town. He got 2 stocking caps, 3 stockings, an ornament, and a bunch of candy (cause that's exactly what infants need).
Most of Evan's pictures from the hospital are just this, a pointy little hat poking out of a blanket.
There were several babies born that week, and after surgery we were moved to a less than desirable room. Just in that the "bed" for Nate was so awful. It wouldn't be comfortable for a small person, and it most definitely was not comfortable for Nate. So...
I was sick of being in bed and would pace the room or take some time to sit up in the chair. Nate asked if he could use my bed for a little while, since I obviously wasn't. I gladly let him; I felt really bad for him. He would've been better off sleeping on the floor at night. I love this picture of my two guys snoozing away. Like father, like son.
I don't who those women are that have pictures taken of them after delivery and they look fantastic and beautiful.
But let's be realistic. I'm not ashamed to post this picture, because this is exactly how I felt. I think at this time, I still could not feel the lower half of my body. But I was so happy just to have my baby.
All the babies got their pictures taken in stockings to have put up in the hospital.
Glad they found one big enough for my beefy baby!
We were thrilled when we finally got the news on Christmas night that we could go home. Evan, on the other hand, had experienced a little too much too quickly I think. He had to wear actual clothes, get put in car seat, etc.
He hated the car seat the drive home from the hospital. Good thing it's only about 5 minutes away. We are pleased that since then, he has not cried at all getting in. He loves the car ride now.
Nate's sisters sent me this gorgeous bouquet. The best part was the sign that said, "It's a girl!" Too funny. Thank you, Ridgecrest Flower Shoppe.
As long as his hands are up by his face he is happy.
He likes to stare at people. It creeped me out a little bit in the beginning, now I absolutely love it.
He has been holding his head up on his own since about day 3.
Another position where he loves to just stare.

Grandma flew in Christmas night. It was such a special Christmas to have her and the baby here.
She brought with her many magic Grandma tricks for keeping babies satisfied.
Evan had pretty severe jaundice and lost a lot of weight.
Here are his skinny little bones a few days after being home. We tried to bake out the jaundice in the sunlight. He LOVED the sun. A true Californian boy, I guess.

He chunked up quite a bit after the doctor told us to feed him as much as possible whenever possible.
His cheeks are starting to get rosy, instead of yellow. This is his latest wake-up face. To me, he's saying, "Ah, mom. What now?"
Grandma and pediatrician say he is very alert for a newborn, which is so fun.
He tends to make very funny faces when being put in the car seat.

Evan spends his awake time strengthening his neck muscles and making mommy laugh with his silly faces.
How could you not love this face?!
I SO love being a mommy. He makes my world go round. Sometimes I forget how cute he is. I pick him up after his naps and fall in love all over again. Well, two nap times later (yes, I do measure time in naps now; I'm officially a mother), I've finished this post. It's my first non-motherly task in two weeks!