Sunday, November 14, 2010

A change will do you good

I enjoy change. I thrive off it, really. I got very accustomed to packing up everything I owned at least twice a year as a college student. Even after we were married, the longest we ever stayed in one place was one year, to the date. While in school, I always had new semesters to look forward to, which brought new information, new people. As a working adult with no classes, at least the seasons would change and I could revel in that! These days, as a stay at home mom, living in a home we own, in the desert, with a husband with a real job, there is not a whole lot of change going on. My walls are newly painted, and my furniture can't be arranged in any other way. So, itching for something new in my life, I did what any girl would do; I sporadically dyed my hair during nap time. The excitement was everything I intended it to be. I felt new, different, refreshed. For about 2 days. Then I was bored again. So I took more drastic measures.

 I feel great, so alive. :) Every time I look in the mirror, or wash my hair, or better yet, actually style it!, I am invigorated again. Laugh all you want, it's how I cope. Let's hope the edge lasts at least until Christmas when I get to be rejuvenated by snow in Utah!

Speaking of good looking hair...
Tee hee hee. Fleece blanket + baby's head=loads of fun and laughter.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's a Minky?

Go here to check it out!

And pick yourself out a FREE one while you are at it. I AM!! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We want YOU!

Nate was recently made a recruiter for Nav Air. So far, it has turned out to make for awesome mini vacations for us! I'm always up for getting out of town :) Last week, we went down to Cal-Poly Pomona. The campus was fun for me and Evan because they had a whole lot of animals all over! I'm talking cows, Arabian horses, you name it. I managed to only get my camera out the last day, at our last destination, the duck pond. Apparently, we showed up for nap time.
 But this was no ordinary duck pond; this pond was crawling with turtles!
 I thought this duck was cute, sleeping out on the rocks covered in turtles.
 I told you it was crawling with turtles! I have never seen anything like it!!
 The ducks kept their distance from the turtles. We had perfect seats right between the two gangs.
 Having a blast!
 Evan cared a whole lot more about the cars driving past us than the plethora of turtles next to him.
 "Vroom vroom!" When you show Evan a car and say, "vroom vroom!", he says, "mmmmmm!
If I would quack like a duck, he would turn and point to the pond to let me know where they were. :)
 At the beginning of October, we got to go to our Alma Mater and homeland! View from our hotel window.
 Evan's first night in a hotel; needless to say, it did not go well, at all.
 But he did get to play with his cousins, who love playing with him.
 After Evan got a little more used to the hotel room, he had a blast entertaining himself there.
 I acquainted him with every nook and cranny of the USU campus, and I just know he loved every minute of it just as much as I did ;)
 I got to go on a hike up the mountains with my family, and see the beginnings of fall! It was lovely!
 Trayson REALLY loves red leaves
 Evan is such a trooper while hiking. He is always so tired, but just wants to take it all in and not sleep!
 Stacey was a great leaf holder for all of the kids collectables.
 Ah...fresh air, fall, family...
 Evan was completely fascinated by all of Grandma Susan's Halloween decor. It was so much fun!
 And just because we haven't had a sleeping picture in a while...and just because I absolutely adore this guy.
 Hooray for recruiting! Hooray for such a wonderful job that provides Nate with so many great opportunities! And an extra hooray for mini vacations!! (especially for ones that take us home!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Stuff

Let me preface by reminding you that I love, love, love Halloween. I love everything about it. I had no idea how much more fun it would be with a kid! I can't wait until he is older and enjoys it more. Hopefully, he will take after me and love it also, and not be a Hallo-dud like his Dad. :)
 Grandma Susan gave Evan this awesome trick-or-treat bag, which he loves to crawl around with.
 Pretty much the cutest little fireman I eved did see.
 As much as I love Halloween, I cannot justify spending uber amounts of money on costumes. A friend gave us this fireman one, so we built around it with what we already had. You better believe, we WILL be one of those themed families every year!
 My hot stuff firemen :)
 Evan's buckaroo buddy, Tyson
 Crawlin' around at the trunk or treat
 Having  too much fun-even without eating any candy! (They were having a laughing contest)
 So Evan snuck a piece of candy from Tyson before I could get to him. The results were about 20 minutes of off the wall hyper baby, when it was way past bedtime. I tried to capture some of his craziness, but he couldn't hold still!
Evan was a great sport about being dressed up. He didn't seem to know what to think of everyone else dresssed up, though. The highlight of his Halloween was seeing several dogs at the Trunk-or-Treat. Way more exciting!
Hope you all had as wonderful of a night as I did!