Monday, June 16, 2008

Taking it easy...

This weekend we just stuck pretty close to home and "took it easy". Friday night we went to our Ward Talent show and had a blast! It was so funny and random, and it was really great to get to talk to some members we hadn't met yet. We already feel connected to this ward and I will miss them for sure. Saturday we went exploring to the Great Falls National Park. It's about a 10 minute drive from our house, and a lot of people kept telling us we just HAD to see it. Mind you, we have our own falls in Idaho that are pretty cool, but we decided to go check it out. It was beautiful. Half of the fun is driving there, because you have to go through all of these estates to get to this hidden park. Houses that looked like they should be churches!Here's what it looked like following the path to get to the falls. Beautiful!

Oh Nate, can always count on him for anything but a normal smile. :)
I liked this park a lot. It was a nice little trail to get there, and the falls were pretty good. It's no Niagra, but it's cool that this place is so close to home. We might go again tonight with some friends for Family Home Evening, if it's not raining.
That evening we had a stake meeting at the Temple on the 7th floor, and our good friends Clark and Kathy were so kind to let us tag along with them. (We were nervous about the betlway!) It was raining all afternoon, but by the time we got out about 830pm (after the meeting, we stayed and did sealings for awhile), the rain had made the sky just clear enough before nightfall for a pretty spectacular picture. This Temple is SO big, and quite different then most that I've been to. And it's just breathtaking. I've had some ladies at Curves who are not members describe it as Cinderella's castle. There is a really big visitor's center that we didn't have a chance to go to this time, but I'm really excited for the next time we get to go! I loved it!

Yes, I have a crummy new haircut (note to self: if the stylist name is Phu and doesn't speak english very well, maybe you should just wait until someone else can cut it). And no, Nate is not trying a new facial hair experiment. It was either shave, or be more late than we already were. Don't worry, he got a lot of guff for it.

After the temple, we went to dinner with the Kidd's at one of their fave mexican places, The Rio Grande. Fun atmosphere, really good food; it just so happens to also be George H W Bush's fave mexican restaurant. They use to have a pic of him there on the wall. They even make their own tortillas there. We had a good time, and always enjoy being in the company of the Kidd's.

Nate has officially decided he loves our ward because for Father's Day, each sister was supposed to make two pies and the "fathers" were going to get to pick one for themselves. They ended up just doing it free for all style, and I think Nate had a total of five large pieces. My pie was gone before I even got to the gym, so I was pretty proud of myself! -I am not a pie maker.

All in all, it was nice to have a fairly relaxing weekend, but we don't have that many left! We've already been here a month and can't believe it. There is still so very much on our list of things we want to do and see, and work just keeps getting in the way! We need more weekends!!

Happy Father's Day to all who may read this, and way to go to all the wives who read this who I'm sure made it an exceptional father's day for all.


Mare and Rob said...

Wow, the Temple looks amazing! You live in such a pretty place. And I'm so sorry about your haircut. There's nothing worse than a bad cut. But it looked cute in the pic.:) Keep having fun so I can live through you guys;)

Jenni said...

I am glad that things are going so well!!

Megan Dinsdale said...

Once when I went to cut my hair, the girls hair wasn't the usual 'stylist' know either really crazy, or super cute AND she wasn't chatty. That should have bee 2 red flags - I told her to cut off and inch and she cut off 4!! I cried like a little kid for hours.

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun and staying busy. The temple sounds amazing...loved, yet another, Curves reference :) And Ross NEVER smiles seriously either and it bothers me because he has such a great smile. BOYS! Oh well.

Brad and Darci said...

I am so glad that you guys are enjoying yourselves so much- you are making me miss the east so much! The temple looks beautiful and I am happy that you were able to go! Keep on having so much fun!