Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pennsylvania pics

For some reason, the pictures from that last entry didn't get posted so here they all are, jumbled and out of order, but at least here they are!

My princess settings for dinner. Aurora is my fave!

The yummy chocalate lava creation

I was so surprised and it was all so cute! I loved my special birthday chair.

The girls were really good happy birthday singers

Ben and Kaylyn being factory workers at Hershey's

Hooray for chocolate world! I might argue it's possibly the happiest place on earth

Hershey even had some surprise fireworks at the end of the night

I was really happy to finally get to see some fireworks, and they were good ones!

This is how we spend our sunday afternoons; oh the girls...

Nate loving the factory tour

Kaylyn and Ben enjoying the tour of how chocolate is made...for the second time :)

Really truly the world's largest candy bar. It was only $20.00

My personal favorite. I don't love Hershey kisses but this was just cool.

We were definitely the only group of adult factory workers making our own hershey kisses; we felt pretty cool.

Big ol' chocolate rounds

Chocolate paste...it smelled so heavenly

The biggest (and only) chocolate tub I have ever seen. Here it is being mixed.

Thousands of hershey kisses being whisked away into the wrappers

I seriously ws loving the chocolate tour that much

Our friendly, yummy restaurant. Quite the different experience.

Chillin' on the Amish porch with full bellies

Ben and Kaylyn enjoying the view

The Amish do not like their pictures taken so their buggy's are totally covered. We were sneaky with our camera.

Look how cute it is! It's just pure joy here!!

It felt unreal to be standing here in front of this. Way cool.

Here are bunch of buggy's up ahead of us on the road. It was so neat!

This was in the little shop area in Intercourse where the jam shop was. What cute little berries!

The beautiful farmhouse where the Amish family lived that owned the restaurant we ate at.

More buggies! I couldn't get enough of them. It was saturday night and I wondered if everyone was out on dates. :)

Nate's a big fan of Pat's steaks.

Ben and Kaylyn were just lovign the whole experience.

Independence Hall

Liberty Bell right in front of Independence Hall

It's in really good condition!!

The first view of Philadelphia

Looking at Philly from the top of the Rocky steps

This is from the view of the art museum doors

The crew in line at Pat's

That's right, we are right in the middle of the road, standing in line, trying not to get hit by cars.

Philly-the city of smells

THE steps

Here I am trying not to hyperventilate cause I'm so excited

The only thing cooler than this was if mr.rocky would have been here himself, gloves and all.

This place has a little piece of my heart now...


Megan said...

Looks like quite the weekend. Hersheys factory?! Now that is my kind of place - a little heaven on Earth for sure.

Jenni said...

Wish I was there! Happy Birthday!!!

Mare and Rob said...

Hope you had a good Birthday! I'm glad you have Nate's sister there to take care of you:) Your Birthday dinner set up was way cute.

Kylie said...

Happy birthday Sara!
The Hershey factory looks awesome! So much candy in one place!

Zack and Callie said...

Way cool! I never knew Pennsylvania had so much to offer!