Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where to begin?!

Wow, I'm not ever sure where to begin with this! It has been so long since I last posted, and so very much has happened. I've just been so busy, and we don't have the internet at home. I usually use the laptop at lunch when I'm up at Nate's office, but with the end of semester, Nate was so busy too. Anyway, no more excuses, let's get on with our life of the last month. Nate (my pie loving husband) and I decided to throw a pie night (everyone brings a pie and you just come and eat pie all night long) the monday before Thanksgiving. We had a lot of people show up, and we had tons of fun.

Here's what was left at the end of the evening. So much pie!!!

Thanksgiving weekend we traveled a lot visiting family all over the place. The day after the holiday, Nate's group of friends from high school had planned a get together in Preston. So we had a mini-reunion with spouses. It was pretty fun to watch old videos and hear funny stories. Nate had a good time reuniting with people he hadn't visited with for a long time.

The crew-plus spouses, minus mine (he's taking the pic).

Of course, on saturday we attended the International Bed Races (I really don't know why they are called that) on main street Preston, the Festival of Lights Parade, and The Festival. It's quite the tradition. The bed races were my fave, and I'm determined to make a Fuller team for next year.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of the races cause I was too enthralled with the awesomeness of the racing.

My lovely little nephew is quite obsessed with vegetables. He loves to pick them out at the store and bring them home for Grandpa. One night, while visiting at my mom's house, Trayson wanted to show me and Nate all his new vegetables.

He then insisted on watching tv with all of his veggies next to him.

At the beginning of December, my good friend Tosha and her husband (they are officially the best holiday party throwers I know) had a gingerbread making party. Each ocuple was provided a box of graham crackers, a can of frosting, then we all had brought a type of candy to contribute. We had so much fun building our home; most the other couples were just laughing at us. Nate, the engineer, was trying to create a stable graham cracker home and I just demanded all of the extras ( a front porch, a chimney, etc). Nate's such a good sport, he puts up with his pushy wife. But our house turned out fantastic!

Look at my cute front door and stairs! That's my favorite part.

I think it was a good team building, marriage strengthening activity! He still loves me.

This semester has been really tough on the both of us; Nate because it was his second to last semester in the master's program and his classes were jsut downright hard and time consuming, and tough on me cause I didn't have a husband! He survived, and did so well! He got all A's this semester, and I was just so proud I could cry! I suppose the awful semester was worth it, he worked so hard. The weekend after his finals, Nate left me again for a few days while he flew out to California for a job interview. He absolutely loves the job (building and testing weapons, figuring out how to make stuff blow up better-every boy's dream), but isn't completely convinced on the living. THe company is called NAVAIR and the town is called China Lake. It's in the middle of the Mohave Desert, right next to Death Valley. Sounds lovely, eh? His main concern is that he thinks he would melt in the summer. We'll see, I guess. It's not something we have to think about for a little while, and there are a lot of other options.

Nate would like to share what he looked at for 9 hours:

The LA Airport

He thought he had a really professional looking shot here.

THis is the itty bitty airplane that flew him to China Lake. There was about 12 people on the plane, and it had propellers.
Here is the city of Ridgecrest, which is where we would live. (it's very small, Nate says it really has the same kind of feel as Logan.)Impressive. I feel comforted knowing my husband was in a safe place. (This airport looks like an old warehouse in ogden!)Yep, that's the whole airport. Pretty spectacular.Nate took this picture to show me, yes there are mountains in china lake, and yes, they even have snow on them in the winter.

Well, I wanted to post before Christmas because I'm sure I will have a big post after this week! We are so excited to spend so much time together and with our families for the next week. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!


Megan said...

I love the bed racing - we stumbled upon that a few years ago...only in Preston... And I am very impressed with your graham cracker house!

Sorry that this semester was such a struggle - but at least it is over and you have a few weeks before school starts again...right?! I remember before you guys got married you said to me that you couldn't wait to get married so you could just see him more. And I laughed at you. Now you know why. I wish I saw my husband more still. LOL. Good luck with the job hunt and all. Keep us posted and Merry Christmas!

stacey said...

someone figured out how to change her background!

Caranna said...

I missed the Festival of Lights this year , oh sad.... I love the bed races!
I tried to click on your pictures, but it didn't work! It's so hard to tell who everyone is in such small pictures! But I think I saw Josie and Jon... that's about all I could pick out at the party!
But what fun! I think it would be all kinds of fun to get together with High School buddies, maybe someday...

Isaac said...

Hey let me know if you do get a Fuller team together next year, I would love to see that...

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

I'm so glad you guys came over the other night and that you were there for Riley's blessing. That really meant a lot to us. You guys are the greatest!!!! I really need to be a better friend and get together with you more since who knows if you'll be leaving soon? :( I hope Nate gets feeling better soon too!