Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lucky Me

He gets cuter every day.And that's all there is to it.
I am in love with his big, beautiful blue eyes and am convinced they will stay that way.
We have so much fun, every day. I'm so lucky to spend my days with him.
This dear friend however, not so lucky. The toaster oven and I had it out for each other the other day. All I wanted was a quesadilla. Instead, I got my first house fire. Long live the toaster oven, oh how I now loathe thee.
Evan didn't seem to mind the fire, even though the smoke alarm went off right after he had layed down for a nap. Like father like son, they both laughed at me as I relayed my story and antics of trying to put out the fire.
I soon let my frustration and anxiety out the window (literally, since I had all doors and windows open for the rest of the day, trying to not asphyxiate ourselves with smoke smell) and played Evan's favorite new game.
It's called "Pump the baby high in the air to give mom an arm workout while waiting to see how long it takes for him to drool or spit up in mom's mouth." It's great fun. We play several times a day. I'm so lucky.


Jenni said...

Love him! And... I have had many a toaster oven fire.

deidra said...

Is it weird if I just comment on every post saying, "I miss you!"?


Oh well!

I'm sure I would have laughed pretty hard at your dang quesadilla story, too. I'm sure when you had to air out your house it was nice and balmy and the perfect weather to do so. Darn you.

Breelyn said...

Ha! I did that with our toaster a few weeks ago. Nolan was still sleeping since I had a morning class to go to but I figured out that our smoke detectors are all wired and are loud enough to get him right out of bed!

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

You sure are experiencing a lot of "firsts" out there is Cali!! Evan is so cute(as if you needed anyone to tell you)!!! :) I think he's got his mommy's eyes for sure!! Are you planning on coming out to Utah anytime soon?(and by soon I mean in the next few months)

Rob and Mare said...

Just don't light your kid on fire okay Sar:) He really is getting cuter, but I didn't think that was possible because he was darling when I first saw him! I love his eyes and all of his little smirks. Love him! And keep the pictures coming:) i love them

Reeders said...

My gosh Sara, he is such a doll! I love him! Glad things are going well. Mommyhood is the best!

Ty and Zara Franklin said...

Cousin Sara, Do I need to send Uncle CHIEF Jon your way for some fire safety lessons? j/k I'm just glad you guys were ok. BE CAREFUL! - Zara P.S. Evan is so cute!

Megan said...

That is one of our favorite games as well ;) I am all about getting some extra toning though. Haha. And when your toaster oven started on fire were you channeling Ryan from 'The Office'? Great now I have Dwight singing 'Ryan started the fire!' in my head ;)