Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another 9 months

 I cannot believe it...I'm in total shock....I'm not ready for this...Evan is already 9 months old! (HA! Did you think I was announcing something? Cause I am most definitely NOT! I just like to think I'm funny). How is it that my previous "9 months" felt like it lasted an eternity, but these last 9 months flew by in the blink of an eye?! This week a lot of things happened; 9 months must be a magic number!

He is getting into everything and really loves helping mom. Whatever I'm doing, he is right there with me.
His first tooth popped through! I know you can't see it here, but you can imagine. :)
He has started to master the sippy cup.
His favorite game to play is peek-a-boo. He pulls the blanket on himself, then pulls it down and laughs SO hard. Then he pulls it up immediately, and so on and so forth. Sometimes, he laughs so hard, he falls over. That's my favorite.
This is how I find him every time I go get him from his naps now. He just waves at me and jumps up and down. It is quite a sight to see!
He has also seriously discovered his tongue. It is ALWAYS out. Instead of waving to people we would pass at the store, like he was doing a week ago, he now just sticks out his tongue.
And most life changing of all, the crawling.
Except for that of course, I have tried a hundred times to get it on video, and this is the best I can get.
Either he doesn't like to work for what he wants or he is just content with he has. :)
I know I say this ALL of the time, but I seriously love this littly guy. He is my complete world, even though he has turned my world completely upside down. I can't imagine life any other way.


deidra said...

He's so tall that I think he is older and should be walking when I look at pictures of him. I was sort of expecting an announcement because it seems like every one from the 28th ward is working on #2! Crazy!

I'm soaking up the crisp mountain air for you, but it's been with a jacket and socks on. And dried out skin and lips. Guess that pesky humidity is good for something!

Isaac said...

"How is it that my previous "9 months" felt like it lasted an eternity, but these last 9 months flew by in the blink of an eye?"
I'm not sure, but I would guess Evan has been doing a lot less of that whole kick-your-organs-up-your-throat thing he used to do.
He is really cute, thanks for sharing the fun pics.

Megan said...

Such a cute lil...well, maybe not so little, guy. This is such a fun age. They are learning so much and getting more and more of a personality, yet there are not tantrums. Perfect :)

stacey said...

Not sure that's crawling. Looks more like he's spinning around on one leg. And that tooth picture is scary...

Lindsey Leon said...

Sara! Yay, glad you found me. I found your blog a while ago and have LOVED watching Evan grow- he's super handsome! Makes me baby hungry :)

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

Holy crap!!! I can't believe he's already that old!!! What a cutie!!! I love that thing around his crib. Where did you find that?

Linnae said...

He just looks like a friendly, social boy, doesn't he? ;) Sorry Nate, my vote is to wait on the haircut. They always look SO much older without the baby curls. It adds a good 6 months, at least! Perhaps you can compromise with a trim along the neck or something!