Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Baby Went To Nursery Today

 And he absolutely loved it. 
And they said he didn't cry once.
And he was dancing like a fool to the Primary songs in the middle of the room when we went to pick him up.
And I may have teared up a little.
And Evan is 1 1/2 and can't hold still, which is I cannot take a decent picture of him these days.

I'm also kind of numb from the whole nursery thing today, so this is all I feel like updating.

Well, I guess I could give you a little teaser...

Evan had another big first recently:
 What do you know? He loved that, too. A lot.
And for quite some time after this, all I heard was, "Mommy. More. Side. Pease."

And I love him more than ever.


stacey said...

I love dancing Evan.

Megan said...

Oh man. Don't be sad. Did you suddenly realize that for last 18 months they were actually teaching lessons at church? lol. Nursery is a glorious would be much more so without the germs. Just sayin.

That Darn said...

Nate's cousin Colette here, and I simply can't believe Evan is 18 months old already, which means you have lived there for at least 18 months, which means it has been at least that long since I met you. Anyway, you get my drift. Time flies! Your little boy is adorable!

Linnae said...

Sara--sending my first off to nursery was a bit heart-wrenching too. Since when do babies get so big and everything? For about the first 6 months he would just cry and cry whenever we left him in there. Not sure which is worse! The "mom who?" or sad crying.
With number 2 we were counting down 'til the big day! I think she would have been too, had she known what was coming (well, and known how to count--ya know). Now that Daddy has to actually go to class, he put himself in charge of the diaper bag snacks! Good times.

Callie said...

I can't believe how big he is! And getting cuter by the minute! Luckily our nursery leader likes them to come in early so Berkley started at 14 1/2 months! I actually love it.