Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving Thanks

We got to stay here in The Ridge for Thanksgiving and it was SO nice. My men began the day heading off to kick field goals (cause who wants to actually play football?) while I got lots of cooking done.
Apparently I was preparing Evan to go play football Thanksgiving morning in Utah. A thermal top, mittens, fleece jacket, and beanie. Nate informed me that all came off within probably half an hour, because Thanksgiving day ended up being beautiful weather. Weird! I'm still not used to this silly desert weather.

We got together with three other families and had such a feast. I wish I would have taken pictures of how much food we had, but I was too dang excited! It was absolutely awesome. The couple whose house we had dinner at, prepared entertainment for all of the kids for after dinner while parents cleaned up and rested :) 
Here's the kids competing for the coloring contest; the best turkey won. What do you know, they all won 1st place and a prize?! (PS-yes, that is my husband passed out on the floor in the corner of someone else's home...)

It was also one of the mommy's birthdays, so after Thanksgiving, we continued on and had a birthday party! 
Nate literally slept through singing, noise makers, and children walking on top of him. All that eating must have really worn him out. ;) (There was indeed a weigh in before and after the meal, along with before and after pies).

 We had such an enjoyable, lovely day, and I was feeling overwhelmed with gratitude to get to spend time with my little family, to enjoy such great company with good friends that can make family feel less far away, and just for the comfortable life we live, in general. It was a nice day for reflecting on my many, many blessings.

One thing I love about staying here for Thanksgiving is that I get to spend the entire next day fully jumping into Christmas mode!
Evan and Nate put up the Christmas lights on the house, and they look great! Evan thought it was hilarious to see Daddy on the roof, and he always loves when he gets to be a helper. (His hat says Santa's Little Helper!) He's kind of adorable :)

I spent the day taking down fall decor, and trading it in for lots of red and green!
 I didn't realize it until I started unpacking my boxes, but apparently I am starting quite the collection of Nativities. And I love it! But I don't know that I have room for any more :)
I pulled out all of the stops with Christmas music blasting all weekend, and we finally got to get out the Christmas jammies! I know, I really get way too excited for the little things in life.
 Evan was also quite thrilled by his new penguin jammies. But who wouldn't be excited over $3 pajamas? With penguins on them?!

This son of mine is truly his own character. He is growing up so much, and has quite the mind of his own.
There is no water left in this tub. But he REFUSED to get out. I don't know if he was just being (nearly) 2 and stubborn, or if he was super tired, but there was nothing that would get him out. At one point he started telling me about hearing the ocean...As much as this kid can drive me absolutely crazy, I absolutely love him and he cracks me up every day.

We loved having a long, easygoing weekend at our house. It is the first time in quite awhile that we have spent that much time together as a family, just us. We needed it, and even though Nate and Evan came down with some runny noses towards the end of it, I think we all felt rejuvenated and charged up to let the busy, wonderful month of December begin!


That Darn said...

This was fun to read b/c I am in the same boat with family far away and learning how to be happy on holidays without extended family. I love being able to relax on holidays. I also love visiting family far away when there is no holiday-stress . . .

oh wait -- I actually did spend Thanksgiving with extended family, Cousin Glenn (Gaylin's oldest son) lives just 40 minutes away. So, we went, we ate, then we left. ahh, holidays how they should be.

Anonymous said...

What you see in those pictures is "fat doggin' it" at its best.


stacey said...

Penguins in the Ridge. Word.

Megan said...

Seriously, we all give THANKS for Pie Night. Watching Nate work through all those pies is how someone else probably remembers him at that St. George store on Black Friday.

I'm surprised that the blog background hasn't been red and greenified. I did, however, love pulling up to your house the other night in all it's seasonal splendor! (And I have a little something for the top of your piano!)

I bet that little guy really "cracks" you up as he enjoys the warmth of the tub post-water... That's what I was thinkin' for sure!

Deidra said...

A weigh in pre- and post- dinner? That sounds horrific, in the best way possible!

I'm starting to really love holidays on our one without the stress of family. It's nice to be in our quiet house, with only one child to deal with. We all sleep well, there aren't any little spats. It's nice. Just thinking of holidays with our ever-growing families stress me out.

(Plus I always remember you telling me that you picture family events as perfect when you're not there, but when you are, well, there is a lot of room for deviation from the perfect ideal.)

That said-- we'll be home for Christmas. You too?

Rob and Mare said...

Your Thanksgiving sounded perfect. How fun=) Evan is so cute. I love all of his hats and jammies. You're a good Mama! Hope to see you guys soon!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Elf peed on that rock.

Anonymous said...
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