Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Christmas, more birthday...

Now that February is here, it's time to finish posting about 2011 :) We packed up after church in Idaho Christmas morning, and headed to my parents in Utah fot the rest of the year.
My sister and mom gave me some adorable things baby girl for Christmas, including the cutest giraffe stuffed animal you ever did see. Evan certainly loved it.
I hope he likes his baby sister just as much...and that he will let her hold her own giraffe once in awhile.
A giraffe bib! My sister is convinced that all of my babies will be little giraffes.
Two of my sisters put together the greatest Christmas present ever. It's a Sara bingo game. The game board consists of all different pictures of me making different faces, apparently because I do that a lot. Obviously, it made me laugh. So. Hard.
I gave Stacey her most favorite gift of all time: season 1 of Jem. And that super cute beanie that says California on it.
My happy parents. Aren't they cute?
It wouldn't be Christmas without going to Pop's house. Evan and Nate both loved watching the train under Pop's tree. I love spending time with Pop and Grandma! They are my favorite :)
But the very best part is the kid size train downstairs! This train was such a tradition for me as a kid, and it thrills me beyond belief to watch my own child get to take part in it!
We went downtown to Ogden one night to stroll around Christmas Village.
Evan's favorite part was just the giant ball he saw on the ground!
The train was, once again, a big hit.
Merry Christmas!!!
Evan found it pretty funny to see little tiny people inside each of the houses.
Oops, more train.
My mom may have gotten lost in Christmas Village...Love her.
Our 12 year old nephew has now officially grown taller than Stacey. It was kind of a big deal.
Glad to see the same Nativity is still standing after all these years.
Train crossing!
Jenni had us all turn at one point for a vogue pose. We're obviously really good at that.
It's pretty magical to watch the little kids' faces as they take in the stories of each little house in the village :)
Evan got to celebrate his birthday again (lucky kid) with the Taggart's!
He was pretty dang excited about that Lighting McQueen on top of his cake. And even more excited that he got to keep it!
After a birthday and Christmas in Idaho, plus Christmas afternoon in Utah, byt the time this second birthday party rolled around, Evan was a PRO at opening presents.
"All these cars for me, Mom?!"
He loves his new "drawer" that's just like the one at Grandma's house.
Look at that face. Pure was a combination of the candles, the sprinkles, the chocolate, and the McQueen. All of his favorite things.
So very happy
Yep, pretty sure turning 2 was the coolest thing that has ever happened to Evan. :)

Anytime Grandpa is working on his computer, Evan runs over and begs Grandpa to play "Goofy's shoes" for him.
And Grandpa never seems to resist!
Evan was spoiled (as always) by loads of attention and constant picture taking.
He loved playing peek-a-boo with his aunts, who never got tired of playing it.
Thanks to Aunt Stacey, he added some new penguins to his adorable bath collection, plus the most awesome idea, a bath book! It's a book that can go in the bath!!!

He always loves his baths, but loves to ham it up for cameras and aunts even more.
One cute stinking little boy. He melts my heart.
The cousins had loads of fun drawing, watching movies, and having snacks on Grandma's bed.
Unfortunately for us Californians, the weather in Utah was unseasonably nice. It didn't snow once, and the kids got to play outside quite a bit.
Lucky for them, there is a park within walking distance to Grandma's house.
My mountain. (Sigh) Love my Mt Ben Lomond. Love those kids, too!

Evan got some new clothes from his cousins, and I fell in love with this little number.
My handsome little man!!
The other handsome man in my life gave me a robot that mops my floors for Christmas. Most awesome present ever. Not only does it clean my floors for me, we all get a kick out of watching it do it's magic!
My absolute favorite part of the Christmas season  is all of the Christmas cards and letters we get from friends and family all over the country. It warms my heart to know we are being thought of, and it brightens my mood to see all the love on my wall :) My fireplace may or may not have remained this way for the majority of January.

Video of Evan riding Pop's train. He still brings this up several times a week, talking about how much fun it was!!


stacey said...

Interesting that you left out the real reason you were gifted Sara Bingo...

Callie said...

Evan is seriously so adorable! It's too bad we couldn't meet up while you were here, Berkley would love him.