Friday, September 26, 2008

Top of Utah Marathon

Don't worry, this was definitely not about me. I have zero desire to ever run a marathon. But our friend Tim did! Tim was Nate's roommate for a couple of years, is still his best gym buddy, and a very good friend of ours. This was his first marathon he's done, so way to go! We decided to go be his fan club.
About 100 yards from the finish line
Wahoo!!!!! Tim did awesome!!! He was unhappy, because he had to walk a little bit, and thought he wouldn't have to. But his time was excellent, and he finished!
Tim placed 14th in his age group. Pretty dang impressive for a first time marathoner, I think.
That night we went to the USU/Idaho football game and tada...the rain brought us good luck! We won!!! And I had to take a picture because it will probably be the only time this season that happens. No offense, Aggies. I still come to your games.

Our life here is currently good. I totally love my new job, really, it's great. Nate and I don't really ever see each other, but sometimes I can go have lunch with him in his office since I am on campus too. Speaking of lunch, mine is almost over and I gotta go! But atleast there's a little bit of an update to all of you who care about us.


Paul, Janie, and McKay said...

I'm glad to hear you guys are doing good. And I think its cool that you took a picture of the scoreboard - Go Aggies! We were pretty excited to see that they finally won a game. You guys take care!

Jan said...

Sara, you're back in our Happy Valley. How are things? You're not working at Curves? ? ? email me sometime

Landon and Jen said...

Hey Sara! I didnt know you moved back to Utah! I'm jealous )=