Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This silly tagging game

I have been "tagged" a few times since being a part of this blogging world, and have never managed to play the game. This summer, it was usually because we had so many other things that needed to be blogged I didn't have time for tag. Now, because I am still unemployed and feeling a bit guilty, I will participate. But I am combining some of the previous tags all to this one. Brandy, I'm doing this because I really love you. ;)

3 joys
1. My husband
2. Exercise
3. Sleeping

3 fears
1. Balloons (I'm not even going to go there to try and explain. Please don't show up on my doorstep with balloons, I will probably cry.)
2. Heights (But I love trying to conquer it.)
3. Losing family

3 goals
1. Get pregnant (one day...)
2. Find a job!!!!!!
3. Lose 11 pounds

3 obsessions/collections
1. Utah State! (Especially basketball)
2. Spiderman
3. Pictures. I really love pictures.

3 quirky facts about me
1. Besides being afraid of balloons and being obsessed with the Aggies? :) I am a little bit OCD, only with certain things. Like how I fill up a glass for water and how I brush my teeth, those are the main ones. Other than that, you may just say I like organization and tidyness.
2. I cannot handle unneccessary windshield wipers action. I suppose this is just a pet peeve, but it's quirky. It drives me bonkers to hear the squeak against dry window. How can you just let that go?!
3. Nate says I have a sound; I say "chh" a lot. Apparently a whole lot. It's the one thing he said he would change about me if he coud. Isn't that funny? I don't even notice. Let me know if it drives you crazy too!

I imagine if you were to ask my husband about quirky things, he could name a whole lot more than me. I don't realize all of my weird ways, because to me they are normal!
I only tag those who think this sounds like fun, becuase if you are like me, you will respond when you get around to it and are good and ready!


Kylie said...

I can't believe you're scared of ballons! So am I! They make me want to throw up every time they're around. I'm not just making fun of you, really. Thank you Sara for making feel better about myself.

deidra said...

I hate unnecessary windshield wiper action. It drives me CRAZY! I've just started controlling the windshield wipers from the passenger's seat (probably not one of Chris's favorite things) and have had to catch myself several times from reaching over and fixing the problem when I was riding with friends/family. It's even worse when I'm in the back seat. I start wiggin' out a bit.

melissa and nathan said...

Good luck with your job hunting, you will feel the pressure of being the breadwinner and that may come in handy down the road when you are home with kids and cannot understand why your husband is so heavy burdened!
I like your blog, it is fun to read. That would have been fun to go to The Fair, but alas, we will stay right here and hang...
Come on up if you are still jobless, we will give you some bread and milk! Maybe even a blanket and pillow.

Brad and Darci said...

I forgot how scared you are of balloons! Good luck with your job huntingness. Something will come up I am sure of it. In the mean time if you get bored and you are in ogden you can come visit me because i am pretty much home alone like all the time!

Reeders said...

I really love you too Sara! Chris gave me your number and I'm gonna try to give you a call later today when I get off of work, if things don't get to hectic. Talk to you soon!

Megan said...

I am SO with you on the windshield wiper thing. Ross always reaches over to turn them on when I am driving because he thinks I don't use them enough - I think I only use them when necessary. Some people have it on the highest speed when it is barely trickling - drives me bonkers! But you are alone on the the whole terrified of balloons situation - quirky, definitely quirky! ;)

Mare and Rob said...

Hah! I was laughing through this whole post. How did we live together for a summer? Haha, you really are OCD!:) Oh Sara, I wouldn't change all your weird ways, 'cause what will we laugh at when we play? Good times, good times

hilary said...

oh sara, i have missed your blog!! i don't know why, but i haven't looked at it for a really LONG time! i could seriously look at all of your fun pictures from this summer all day, and am still completely jealous of all the cool things you got to see! i really liked the rocky clip of you running up the stairs! haha! and glad you got to see wicked!! what a great birthday present, props to your sweet hubby! isn't it awesome?! i just saw it in the spring. and i know exactly how you feel about coming home and seeing the beautiful mountains of utah! it's sad, but true that you just take that beautiful place for granted while you're there. good luck finding a job! keep us updated. and i liked reading about all of your fun quirks! :) it's true, "chh" really is a sara-ism and i love it! i could hear you in my head when i read that. :)