Friday, October 2, 2009

Get your creative juices flowing

I need help. I have these:

I want these:

Or something like unto it. Chocolate brown couch covers. But how do I transfrom my current couches into these beauties without spending hundreds of dollars, like the websites want me to? Oh, and another minor detail, how do I do it without using a sewing machine? Because I don't have one, and if I did, I wouldn't even know where to start. I know that most of all of you are craftier and more creative than I, so, suggestions?


chelsea said...

So not all so creative...but there is this blog I love to follow and she has some suggestions and is even giving a cover away that might meet your needs. The site is

Good luck. Glad to see that you and Nate are doing so good in your new place and so happy!

deidra said...

In one apartment I lived in, we had dark brown slipcovers. Not good for an apartment full of blondes!

Good luck!

Marji Crummett said...

My read couch cover I got at Ross for $30 and my blue couch cover is two pieces of long fabric that someone gave me sewn together. Good Luck I felt the same way about my couches.

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

I actually just saw an ad for Shopko that had some slip covers that were about that same color. Or I'm sure Walmart has something like that. How's that little boy doing? And how are you feeling?

Trish Duffin said...

I got a chocolate brown slip cover from bed bath & beyond. It seems like they were quite reasonable in price, considering fabric isn't cheap either. I would check their website. I am so stinking jealous of your warm weather there! I hate the cold! :(