Wednesday, October 7, 2009

House update

My sisters have been so bothered with me for not having updated pictures of our house yet. Yes, I am home all day, every day, but I still need stores to complete my final projects! Kmart and Walmart are just not crafty enough. But, because I'm nice and don't want to listen to their complaints anymore, here are some updates, pics included. You're welcome, Stacey.

This is our kitchen table that Nate is currently refinishing. It's been quite the project, and I'm so excited for how it will turn out. But, no pictures of the kitchen yet because without a table, it currently looks like a fort/war zone.

Still working on creating my perfect couch covers.

Where we spend most of our time. Projects for this room besides the couches include: 1)hanging pictures up. I need an extra set of eyes, I hate trying to center and straighten things by myself. One of these three day weekends, maybe after the table is completed. 2)Curtains. Again, requires either more stores or me learning how to sew. 3)New tv. That's mostly Nate's project. And is very far down on the list.

The guest room. Project for this room: guests! And maybe a decoration or two, poor room. This room actually was able to be used this weekend, when our dear friends the Hartwell's from Logan came to stay with us for a few days. That deserves a whole post in itself, so I will keep you all in suspense!

Entry to the baby's room, which is currently in very sad shape. So this is all you get. I'll give you one guess as to what theme I'm going for in there...

Our bedroom. Kind of an island theme. I can guarantee you had we not been moving to California when we got our new bed, I don't think this is the theme we would have gone with. I just don't picture this working in Logan/Utah.

We love our room, especially our fabulous new intelli-bed. Well worth every cent. Nate chose the bedspread, even though it came with a plethera of pillows (he hates that). I agreed to the bedspread, as long as I got bamboo blinds. :)
Here's the most current picture of the baby (how fitting for October!). We are seeing the doc every two weeks now, and hopefully are going to start a class at the hospital next week. I got my rhogham (sp?) shot yesterday, because I am Rh- and Nate is Rh+, so that could be bad for baby, and me. The actual shot wasn't nearly as bad as I had made it up to be in my head (I don't remember the last time I was given a shot, so I was really nervous), but the rest of the day I felt really crummy. I guess it could be a cold coming on, seeing as how the temperature randomly dropped about 30 degrees here. It's in the 70's and so wonderfully lovely, but it was so quick, no ones bodies had the chance to adjust from triple digits. The baby is so very active, and I keep telling myself I should be greatful to know he is doing well in there, but sometimes I dream about how it will feel to not have constant popcorn popping in this oven belly of mine. Projects for the baby:
*Find a crib
*Find bedding,etc for crib (once again, another reason I wish I was a sewer! I want his room to be decked out Aggie, yes, becuase I love my Aggies, but also because I haven't found any bedding that I'm in love with. Unfortunately, I'm quite sure they don't sell baby bedding at the USU Bookstore.)
*Find a car seat that meets both our dreams! I want one with the ergonomically correct handles, and Nate wants one that pops in the stroller.
*Find a stroller (see above)
*Choose a NAME for the poor lil' guy! We are no where closer than we were when this whole process began.
Wish me luck with all of my projects, hoping that something gets accomplished sometime soon. I feel another dire need for a trip to Lancaster coming on. Good thing we have lots of three day weekends coming around the corner! Happy Fall!! It's my absolute favorite time of year, and I really, really wish I was in Utah right about now, but I put up my fall decor here, even though it feels like summer. I'm hoping my fake pumpkins and plastic leaves will put me in the mood. Feel free to send me any pictures you have of leaves changing, people wearing jackets, and anything to do with cider or pumpkins!


Megan said...

Just so everyone knows, the "table" fort is cuter than Sara lets on. She just doesn't appreciate it like a certain 3-year-old I know.

We have a laser thingy that allows you to level your pics in the cross hairs. Spencer is my math whiz and figured out the middle of all my walls. We'd be happy to help if you want. I'm sure we'd all love to learn how to play Rock Band so Dan isn't that much farther ahead in the video game realm. Sheesh...

And, I am the master of online shopping. Just so you know... I have references and all. Or, I'm game for a trip to Lancaster, too. I also have access to Consumer Reports online if you want to research cribs and strollers.

One more thing... Dan's crib was recalled recently (but he's been done with it for a long time). As a new parent, you're going to want to sign up for the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) email. It's amazing how much stuff is recalled for lead violations and safety issues.

stacey said...

I like forts.

Rachel said...

Walmart site to store opened up a whole new convenient world of shopping for me.

n8'swife said...

I agree with the site to store, free shipping! Online shopping has become my friend!

Carly said...

this is random- but i work with a girl who named her little boy taggart because that was her maiden name. she calls him tag, and i just thought it was so cute so i had to pass it along!