Thursday, January 21, 2010


Not only have I recently taken on the role of mother, I think Paparazzi also comes to mind. My poor child can only put up with so much: "Mom, seriously. Enough with the pictures. I'm sleeping!"

Evan had his first bath, and wasn't real sure what to think of it:

He kept looking to his Daddy to save him:
As long as he can cuddle on Mom's shoulder, he's very happy.
(What dark circles under my eyes? It may or may not have been very late at night...)
We tried out the swing for the first time:
He seemed bored, and it did not last long. "Really, is this the best you can do for my entertainment?"
We are starting to catch smiles here and there, since he is awake and alert much more these days. He's got a pretty cute side smirk that cracks us up.
This is what happened when I told him it was snowing outside!
He was so excited he could hardly stand it! He really is our child!!
I was singing and dancing because it was snowing, and he seemed to find that pretty funny.
So I haven't ever measured my torso, but I'm thinking it's at least 22 1/2 inches long!
When Evan stretches out on me, it blows me away how long he really is.
Lately, he's enjoyed sitting on my lap:
Does he think he is a big boy or something?!
Here is the backyard when the afore mentioned snow started:
I didn't think it would stick, so I had to catch it while it was coming!
The view of across the street:
Much to our surprise, it just kept coming down!!
I love the palm trees covered in snow!
I was beyond giddy all day!!! For the first time I can think of, I was so happy to be living in Ridgecrest!
I just can't get enough of this sweet little face.
I wonder what he dreams about???


Megan said...

He's gotten so much meatier since I last saw him!

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

I LOVE all of these pictures!! I'm so glad you finally got some snow and I'm thrilled that Evan was excited about it too!! That means he is DEFINITELY NOT a Californian!! :)
His smiles are so cute and I love the scowl he has on his face in the bathtub. Sooo cute! MIss you!!

deidra said...

Yay! Snow! I was actually that excited this morning when it was snowing here. Some people are sick of it and ready for spring, but it's just too pretty. Glad you got your fair share of it!

I miss you.

That Darn said...

I love the pictures of your new little Evan. You seem like you are doing remarkably well. He is so cute.

OK, so my question is -- are you anywhere near Blythe? I was just reading about the tornados in CA.

Cousin Colette

Rob and Mare said...

I love him! He wants to come see Auntie Mare. That's what he dreams about. Yep. It's true.
Give him a big hug for me!

Jenni said...

He is so darling!

n8'swife said...

I love it when those first little smiles come!! He's a cutie!

Megan said...

Milk? I always wonder the same thing....

He sure is cute. Crazy that it snowed and a 'holla' for that Curves shirt ;)

The Whipples said...

He is such a cutie!y