Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm lovin' it

I love this kid. He makes my heart so happy.

I think it's safe to say that Evan enjoys music. Not only does he like to dance (as seen above), he also loves to sit on my lap and play the piano with me, and especially find the microphone from Rock Band (which he has never seen us play) and crawl around with it and sing. The other day, he held the microphone up to me, so I sang, "LA". He took the microphone back, and repeated my "LA" in the same pitch! We played that game for several more LA's, in several different pitches. It was awesome! American Idol here we come!!!!!!


n8'swife said...

I love the little shoulder wiggle!! So cute!

Megan said...

I have never been one to watch AI...but I will definitely make sure I do if you guys are on ;) He is too darn cute!

Trish Duffin said...

He is so stinkin adorable!

Anonymous said...

Quick correction: my son will never, ever be on American Idol.