Sunday, February 20, 2011

A lovely surprise

 Last Sunday, we got the best Valentine's surprise: visitors! My sister and her family moved to CA a couple of months ago. She is about 2 1/2 hours away, which is nice to have someone so close, but it is still quite a trek (and definitely not a pretty drive) to see each other. That's why we were so shocked when she called and said they wanted to come see where we live and they were going to leave in about 15 minutes. It was awesome! They got here just in time; pot roast was just going onto the table and Evan had just woken up from his after church nap. We enjoyed dinner and dessert together, hung out in the back yard for a bit, checking out the fish and enjoying the sun in the hammock. We decided to take them to the Base and show them around before it got dark (because what else is there to do??) 

Here's Addie and Landry checking out the newest plane with it's missiles.
And of course, posing with the engineer and pilot :) Nate, Kolby, and Tyler were around here somewhere, getting the official Nate tour. Addie, Landry, Jenni and Evan opted for the Sara tour :)
I always love having a full house. It feels more like home! Kolby is an awesome ball player, so he and Evan spent a whole lot of time together. Landry loved checking out all of Evan's toys, and Addie worked on her Valentine's for school, making sure she didn't give any boys the wrong message ;)
We tried real hard to get Evan walking. This is how well it went over.He looks real stable, doesn't he?

But Evan sure did love having a buddy to read with! 

 It was so wonderful to see them. It made my entire week!! We know they must really like us, because no one just up and comes to visit us here! We love you, guys!
I guess my husband must like me, too. Another lovely Valentine's surprise!


Rob and Mare said...

How fun=) I bet it's nice to have family kind of close. Evan looks like a big boy now! What happened to our babies?! He's so cute. Give him a kiss from me and a slobbery HUG from Wes ;)

Jenni said...

It was awesome! I wanted to come back yesterday but I guess I can't come every week.