Friday, May 13, 2011

A Day in the Life of Evan

 Because I'm cute, that's why.

But mostly, it's because my mom has been really bored with our life here in The Ridge lately. But just the other day, she realized she better document what life is like right now, so can appreciate it one day when her life is so busy she doesn't know which way is up or down.
 Our day began with a big boy haircut! I was SO good in the chair, the nice lady gave me three airplane stickers. Then, me and mommy played on the slide at the hairdressers for a while.
 As soon as we got home, I took off running, like I always do, to go throw rocks in the front yard. It's my very favorite past time.
 Once we came inside, mommy went to wash her hands and put the diaper bag away. She came into the living room and found me like this. Anybody want to be my skyping buddy?
 I play mommy several songs a day on the piano. I know she loves it.
 My favorite is to play out of the primary children's song book, because sometimes there are pictures! But it's so tall, I have to stand up to turn my pages.
 I often go to the window to watch for my daddy to come home, even in the middle of the day.
 And I'm usually surprised by the "tweet-tweets" that are playing in the front yard!
 I'm a very good eater. I usually have about 5 meals a day. I pretty much eat anything and everything.
 I just don't really appreciate it when my mommy is interrupting my meal time by trying to do photo shoots.
 I have a very bad habit of throwing my food off of my high chair when I'm finished eating. So my mom got me my very own sweeper to help clean up my messes.
 Several times a day...We do a lot of sweeping in our house.
 I absolutely love nap time. But not usually without throwing everything out of my crib first.
 My mom always worries about me getting cold or uncomfortable, so she always comes in and gives me a blanky. She's a sweet mommy like that.
I woke up from my nap and mom shared a special treat with me. Shh, don't tell Dad!
 This is my favorite place to sit in the house. I can reach up and grab a book to read or crawl into the fireplace. Mom hates that second part.
 I really love my new giraffe buddy that my Aunt Jenni gave me when we were last visiting her. But I haven't quite figured out to get on frontwards yet.
 But this makes perfect positioning for shooting hoops.
 Don't worry, I still love to practice my slam dunks and lay-ups, too.
 I'm working on a new sport where you can throw whatever you want in the hoop. Footballs, mom's shoes, balloons, you name it. It's really catching on over here.
 Sometimes it gets really quiet in the house and mommy thinks I'm doing something naughty. She'll go on a hunt to find me, and usually finds me in my big Aggie rocking chair in my room, just chillin'. A guy just needs his space every now and then, you know?
 My daddy taught me how to play "phew-phew" on the Wii and I have my very own shooter. Mommy really does not like this, especially because I often ask her during the day to play, but she refuses.
 I have re-discovered how fun it is to sit my baby seat. I have so much fun sitting here and chatting with mommy about all of my toys.
 I think bellies are so funny, and I really like to show mine off, every chance I get. It makes me laugh so hard when mommy pokes my belly and makes silly sounds.
Speaking of my mommy, last week she played Ruth from the Bible for a primary activity. Isn't she cool?!

Well, that's pretty much how we do things around here. Mommy didn't get any pictures of when my daddy comes home (which is a ridiculous 10 minute production every night, with lots of growling, laughing, and running) because she met dad in the driveway and handed me off so she could go to her Relief Society Enrichment Night. She was so happy to go talk to adults for awhile!

My dad has recently informed my mom he has Scout Camp next month for several days. So now that you've seen our day to day, who wants to come and stay with/entertain us?!


n8'swife said...

What a great play by play of Evan's day! Enjoy the time now!

Deidra said...

I knew I should have hidden in the Hedmen's trunk!

Boo to scout camp. Boo to scouts. (My crappy attitude hasn't improved much, in case you couldn't tell.)

chartie said...

Evan, you are awesome! When is your dad going to bring your family out here to visit us?

stacey said...

"A guy just needs his space." Seriously. Stop smothering him. I hope Ruth was happier at Primary than in the picture...The skyping pic is still my favorite.

Linnae said...

We want to come! :) My kids love the Primary songbook too, and are constantly "playing" songs for me. It's pretty awesome! And yes, best part of the day is when Daddy gets home. Hands down.

Anonymous said...

Uh, no one told me he got a zebra rocker.

Brad and Darci said...

Your little guy is seriously so cute! I love his hair! Looks like you guys have tons of fun together! I hope everything is going good for you guys.

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

Pick me! Pick me!! We'd love to come play. What a fun idea to document a day in the life of little Evan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he love Wheel of Fortune!! That's so stinkin cute!