Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where did April go?!

I seem to have blinked and it's suddenly May. Our calendar ended up booked for the majority of April. We had a TON of fun, and got to spend a LOT of time with family. Here's a peek as to what we've been up to: 
 Exploring Great Falls in Trona (it is a waterfall in the town next to us that only appears in the spring)

Evan and I got to spend a week in Utah during spring break.
 Trayson and Evan sliding
 Racing down the slides
 Trayson not wanting a picture
 Mommy and Evan loving being outside
 Evan's first hoop time! (Don't worry, he has one of his own now)
 Just plain being cute
 This boy LOVES talking on the phone. I guess we do that a lot around here...
 Sweet Evan just randomly giving Mommy a big squeeze
 Daddy's here! (Nate joined us in Utah at the end of the week, so we could head to Idaho. More on that later...)
 Evan's first time seeing a lawn mower! He loved mowing with Grandpa. As long as it was from a distance.
 Mommy loves...
 Finally, a bug he can play with! He loved this furry little caterpillar.
 Playing in the neighbor's grandson's car.
 He just made this face for like 30 mins. Trying to decide if he liked driving around in the little car.
 The Rexburg Idaho temple, the reason for our whole trip
 Man, those are some good lookin' guys...
 We came for this! Nate's younger sister got married!!
 I love weddings. I love being in the temple with family. I love to see people I love so happy. It was a lovely day!
 Aunt Mare-Mare and Evan became quite attached during our trip. It was fantastic! She takes great care of him.
 Grandma Fuller reading to Evan and 3 of his cousins for bedtime
 Nate got plenty of time at the spa with his nieces
 Evan really wanted to exercise like Grandpa Fuller. This happened multiple times the week we were in ID.
 We came home to some teensy little baby tweet-tweets living on our back patio!
 Remember how we live in the desert? Ick.
 My sister picked us up from the airport coming back from UT/ID and we had a beach day with her and her family in Long Beach.
 I think Evan is becoming attached to the beach, like his mama. It makes us both VERY happy.
 Evan had so much fun digging and building and playing in the sand with these two.
 His favorite thing to do is throw the sand. We're working on that.
 We weren't even home for a week when we heard that this pretty lady was coming from Texas to visit SoCal for a couple of days, so Evan and I packed up again for another week and headed down to my sisters' to hang out wit the whole crew.
 There was more beach time, with a whole lot of playing tag with the waves
 Newport beach was so fun because you could sit really close to the water, and the waves were awesome!
 Happier than clams
 Hot mama Jenni! Yeah, that's my sister, and she's got three kids, and it's her birthday this week, and she'll probably kill me for posting this pic. Love you, Jen!
 I am officially obsessed with boogie boarding
 I think Landry thought I was a beached whale, he looks like he's coming to rescue me.
 I now have one more reason to need to live closer to a beach
 Evan would try to come down and get me every time I rode a wave in. So cute.
 We couldn't keep him out of the water. That's my little California guy.
 He got so worn out, he crashed on his Aunt Jenni and snuggled for a really, really long time.
 I had so much fun with these two! We were only missing one sister :( -Thanks a lot, Stacey. :P
 The gang, what an awesome day!
 One more, just me and Kolby rockin' the boogie boards
 I learned that Aunts are capable of spoiling just as much as grandmas are.
 Evan was so lucky to be so busy all week. He was constantly being entertained by the big kids.
 My sister lives about 15 minutes from Disneyland. So we went one morning! To the gates. :)
 And ode the tram to and from the parking lot. Evan was ecstatic! Who needs to pay money for Disneyland?!
 I enjoyed the ride, too. And the company. And the beautiful weather. And the Disney joy seeping through the gates.
 Some day...
 Evan and Landry bonded quite a bit with all of our marathon shopping trips. As long as we could find a fountain every now and then, every one was happy.
 Addie was an AWESOME baby-sitter. I loved it so, so, so much.
 Addie and I accidentally were matchy-matchy for church. We were so cute :)
 And we made hair bows together. I love getting my crafty on with her, because she loves it SO much. 
 Evan and I had an awesome, jam packed week. I feel lucky that he is finally getting to know these guys.
What a cute, happy family. (Minus Jenni, who is taking the pic, which is funny, because this is her family.)

Whew! I'm exhausted just remembering all that we've done in the last month. I imagine you all (if there are any of you left) are exhausted from looking at this entire post! I wonder where May will take us...


n8'swife said...

Wow,what a month! I love it when we can fill our time with family!

Tara said...

Wow you have been busy! Glad you had fun!

Rob and Mare said...

I love your posts! Sounds like you had a blast.
The picture of Evan hugging your back is my favorite=) So cute!
I miss you, Sar!

Jenni said...

Yes, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!! I am pretty much hyperventilating right now. Seriously!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

stacey said...

Next time I go to the beach, none of you are invited. It makes me sad that Jenni is actually going to be tanner than me, but that picture makes up for it...

Lindsey said...

Busy Busy! SOunds so fun though, I know what you mean about the beach, it's heavenly. And Yes! it is crazy how quickly things have changed around here with law school plans, hopefully that's all the surprises we'll have for awhile :)


Deidra said...

I was going to be offended that you didn't take us to Great Falls on our grand tour of Trona, but I don't think October quite qualifies as "spring."

I'm so jealous of the family time you've had. And family BEACH time? The world's just not fair! Looks like a great, busy month!

Andrea Malone said...

What the heck? The beach, family, my Amanda. Thanks a lot Sara. I am so jealous. Looks like you had a great time. You all look wonderful. Glad you were able to get away and have some real fun.

Breelyn said...

How fun! I LOVE the little Police car! I'm gonna need one of those for my little guy sometime!

Jamie said...

What beautiful cousins I have... you guys are so cute and Jenny should be proud--she is a hottie!! You guys are so lucky to have each other!! Looks like really fun time! xoxoxox

Megan said...

I love that you went to the gates of Disneyland. Haha. I also love the dress you wore to church in the last couple of pics. Super cute!

Allison said...

So fun! I love you ladies. I'm totally jealous of all that sunshine. We've had nothing but rain/snow all of April so I may have drooled a little looking at your sunny pics. :)