Saturday, October 1, 2011

Evan is a dinosaur!

 That's what I had to tell Evan to convince him that the green spray the hairdresser had just sprayed on him was not scary.

Throughout our haircuts that day, no matter what you asked Evan, his answer was green. Sometimes he would think for a minute before answering, "Evan, how old are you?" "!" And other times he would just be talking to himself, like at the play kitchen naming all of the foods, "Green (banana), green (cob of corn), green (sandwich)..." I don't know what weird kick he was on that day, but we walked out of there with a green balloon, a green sucker, and green spray in our hair.
After she first sprayed his newly cut spikes, Evan's face was terrified. He looked like he was about to cry. So the hairdresser sprayed a piece of my hair, to show him it was okay, because mommy had some, too. He was hating the idea of all of this more by the second, until I said, "Evan is a dinosaur! What does the dinosaur say?" "Raarr!!!" Immediate smile, and he got down off his chair, and ran to the other stylist to show her his dinosaur hair. He was pretty proud of it for the rest of the day. But we both got baths as soon as we were able. Green's not really my color :)

Cutest little dinosaur I ever did see, though.


Brad and Darci said...

He is so cute Sara! And I love his new haircut! You are such a cute mom. We should try and catch up next time you are around- it has been so long!

Karlee and Micah said...

Green really is your color. Love the hair.

Kym said...

I love his little green spikes!! What a fun thing to do!