Monday, October 31, 2011

Way too much Halloween fun

Does everyone remember how very much I love Halloween? It is really my favorite. And it just keeps getting better every year, because I can push my love for it onto Evan and he absorbs it like a sponge :) Saturday was FULL of Halloween fun for us, and I loved every minute of it!! Let's remember one of my favorite costumes of the past; being pregnant at Halloween is super awesome!
This year I had some favorite touches of my own for every day happiness :)
Evan and I only had three costume changes for the day!!! SO MUCH FUN!
 Saturday morning, I took Evan to Albertson's for lots of Halloween festivities. Here he is with his buddy Tyson waiting for the costume contest to begin.
 Which Tyson won! He was a pretty darn cute lil' Woody.
 We set out that afternoon as pirates to a friend's house for a little party. Evan is saying, "Arrggghh!" to the camera.

 The pirate with his two Woody buddies. We had lots of fun pinning legs on the spider, playing ball toss for candy, eating bite sized caramel apples, and frosting sugar cookies. We walked away with lots of fun treats and goodies!
 And I think the best costume was saved for last!
 Evan absolutely loved his bones! And they were glow in the dark, which made them even more awesome!! There is a cute little pumpkin for his heart, and spider dangling from his rib on the other side. Eek!

 Hooray for Halloween! Our ward trunk or treat was just right for Evan. We were done in about 45 minutes, and that was so perfect. He was much more excited about people's trunks being decorated than any of the candy they had to offer. We had such a great night.

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant at Halloween! It makes it that much more fun. And I love my husband even more for going along with my craziness and always making my costumes so dang awesome. Just as he created the pumpkin farmer from above, he mastered this skeleton baby, too! Nate, your the best!!!


Jamie said...

I didn't even know you were preggo! Congrats! Do you know what it is yet?

Allison said...

Wow! 3 costumes in one day!? You are a Halloween super fan. And I thought my family growing up was the most Halloweeny but I've never done 3 costumes in one day. You win!

That Darn said...

Yes, a Halloween super fan. Good one.
How did Nate make those costumes? That is talent b/c those are "dang" good. I love your excitement. Happiness like that is catching.


Ty and Zara Franklin said...

Holy cow guys! Congrats I didn't know you were expecting either! How fun! Love all the creative costumes! Evan is one lucky little guy to have such fun parents!

sedated[love] said...

ahhh i just LOVE your shirt!!! <3