Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Girl Baby Milk Breath Sister Squishy Lady

 That's just a few of the most popular things we call our Lilly Lu around here.
 My sweet little friend Mer-Mer, who wouldn't give Lilly back to her Mom :)
 My sweet little pea pod

 These kids seriously love each other. You would think I pose them for these kind of adorable pics. Nope, Evan truly cannot get enough of her, and is next to her every chance he can get. And Lilly is just as enthralled with him. Love, love, love.
 If you can catch Lilly asleep on her back, she sleeps just like Evan did, with both hands straight above her head.
 Oh wait, I mean how Evan DOES sleep :)
 My favorite thing ever is when Evan comes home from church and runs in to tell me all about nursery. He loves to show me the pictures he made, the stories he learned, and his treat he gets from the Bishop. He is the cutest.
 Early morning snuggles. Seriously, he cannot get enough of her.
There is so much Evan in Lilly. We were laughing so hard the other night when she was pulling this face, looking up at me with her strong neck and giant eyes. This was Evan's signature move!
 Spring has sprung in the desert, which is beautiful, but hot (we're talking high 90's for weeks) and very windy. The oleanders are my favorite when they bloom.

 Of course, Evan's favorite flowers he sees are dandelions. Luckily, our front yard is made of rocks and he doesn't find them very often, because he always wants to pick them for me, and make me put them in my hair.
 Apparently I need to invest in a double stroller. Evan was thrilled to go for a walk, but it must have been too hot or something that day, because this is how more than half of our walk went.
 She is the cutest darn little flower I ever did see.
 Trying to prove to my sister that my baby has some chub...
 Evan and Lilly LOVE getting ready for naps together. We sing songs and Evan always has to try to make her smile before we go to sleep.
 He is the absolute sweetest. After we have gone through our routine, he likes to just sit and snuggle with her for a bit :)
 This kid works so hard being mommy's helper and a good brother all day, he exhausts himself. He just passed out at snack time!
 We just needed to document Nate's dinner from last night. This burrito had to come in a pizza box because that's the only thing it could fit in. Don't worry, he didn't eat the whole thing in one sitting. I should have laid Lilly next to it, so you could understand just how ridiculously huge this thing was. I'm pretty sure the burrito would win in length and weight against Lilly.
 She is quite the little fuzzball after her bath. I just love her electricity shocked hair! :)

Things we've learned in the last 3 weeks about this little lady:

She gets the hiccups probably twice a day. It's hilarious to me, because she got hiccups all of the time in the womb. I never felt hiccups with Evan, so I think it's pretty funny that they have carried over with her.

She is a night owl, like her parents. Or maybe she has just figured out that the only time of day she'll get attention from her parents is when her brother is in bed. She really sleeps a vast majority of the day, but is wide awake starting about 730pm, which is when we are getting Evan ready for bed. She stays awake for hours after that :)

She hates having her diaper changed. I'm glad she came modest. That should save me lots of stress later in life.

She's got her daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny pinky. She can do no wrong in his eyes. It's kind of adorable.

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Rob and Mare said...

Sara, she is so cute! Evan and Lilly are so lucky to have you as their mom. You're the best=) Can't wait to meet your little lady. She's darling!