Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Happy Day Indeed

 A new mama bird took over my planter shortly after Lilly was born. She now has two babies :)
 Lilly's cord stump finally fell off the day before Mother's Day, so she got to have her first real bath! She was pretty much terrified and screamed through most of it. Maybe she won't be a fish like her brother?
 Being Mother's Day, I wanted to attend church with my family. This was Lilly and I's first time going. We showed up late to sacrament and left early, but I was really happy to be there.
 My sister and her family came up for a night to meet Lilly. They came to church and brought dinner; it was wonderful to see them and made it extra fun to spend Mother's Day together. Addie loved helping me pick out Lilly's outfits and accessories.
 Kolby was surprisingly the most fond of her. He held her more than anyone else. Who knew the nearly 13 year old had such a soft spot for baby girls? It was pretty sweet.
Evan was SUPER excited that Mommy and Lilly were going to finally come to church :) And they were adorably matched, not even on purpose.
 This was the best picture of me and my kids we could get. Someone is way too wiggly and makes pictures blurry.I'll give you a hint...
 She is not the wiggly one. She slept through church and I enjoyed the wonderful talks on Mother's while Evan was entertained by his cousins. I was grateful to be able to attend and feel the spirit while reflecting on the amazing women in my life.
My impressively thoughtful husband gave me some gorgeous earrings that have both kids birthstones in them. Evan's blue topaz surrounded by Lilly's diamonds. (She was born with expensive taste!) I was so shocked and love love love having some mother's jewelry. Perhaps that was his way of buttering me up since he left to go on travel the next day for a week. Somehow he has managed to leave me both times before the babies are even one month old. How do I not have any veto power?!

And here are just a few reasons that make being a mother extra awesome for me these days:
 When the first alert smiles start to come.
When your son insists on having a badge so he can go to work with Dad, then "works" all day long.
 When this happens in the same room as you and two other adults, and no one knows how.
When they're sleeping, and decked out in purple, too.

For records purposes-Lilly had her one month check-up and in doc's words, "She is growing beautifully". She is 9lbs 4.5oz (@birth: 8lbs 10.8oz, left hospital @8lbs 2oz) and 22 1/4 inches(@birth:21 inches). Dr says although she looks quite lean, it's just because she is tall, so we shouldn't worry. Uh yeah, have you seen her brother?? It's been a really busy month, and we are all still adjusting. It seems physically impossible to be up and out of the house before 11am, and only this week have I started getting dressed each day AND making dinner. And that's only happening because my sister is here helping out. Here's to figuring life out before month 2!


Linnae said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a bit slow to get back into the swing of things! The making dinner part is still my biggest challenge, too. Don't know what it is. Your little ones are so cute! Just sayin.

Kylie said...

She looks so much like her big brother in the bath time picture! And I LOVE her pretty dress! Makes me miss having my baby girl, now she thinks she gets to pick out her clothes.

Atta Rehman said...
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