Friday, August 29, 2008

No longer homeless, just jobless

We FINALLY found a place to live, hooray! That's why this blog has been suffering. Nate started school last monday and is already ridiculously busy. I have just been trying to put our house together and find all of our stuff! We are mostly there, so now the next task is job searching. I need one, bad! Nate is not working this semester because of his brutal schedule with all his masters stuff, so I m the breadwinner and currently jobless! :) I would take ANY help in this area, thanks.

We decided to share one last bit about our trip home from the east. Remember when I said how glad I was to see Wyoming? Well, I got over that real quick. If you have ever driven through that ridiculous state, you may have noticed some of the 34! Little America signs that cross the state (that's right I counted). Guess what? It really is not that great, at all. But atleast it was something to entertain us.

Wyoming was awesome and terrible all at the same time. It was awesome because we were SO close to being home, and terrible because it just seemed to take forever. But when we finally arrived in Utah I was ecstatic. I was SO happy to see my mountains, I was giddy. For all of my Virginia friends, this is a mountain.

Beautiful Mt.Ben Lomond almost brought tears to my eyes I was so happy. :) This is the big peak in the town where I am from. Isn't she somethin? It's sure funny what things you take for granted when you jsut get so used to seeing them all of the time. Driving up to CacheValley, I felt like I was looking at that road for the first time with new eyes. Willard Bay, the mountains, Sardine, wow it was wonderful.

We spent this last saturday with the Fuller's and went fishin'. Here we are off the bridge in beautiful Black Canyon. Nate is putting on my worm cause I definitely don't do that kind of stuff.

After not even a nibble, we headed down to Trout Creek where you are always gauranteed to catch something. Guess what? We didn't catch a thing. Here is Nate looking way too happy for having no success. He just loves to be out fishing.I, on the other hand, was not so optimistic about the whole situation.

That's more like it. We don't even eat the fish we catch, we just give it to people, so it's not like we were out a meal or anything. It's just the thrill and all the fun we missed. But nonetheless, still a wonderful way to spend a saturday morning.

When we got back to P-town, Nate got an unexpected call from his favorite mission companion. He lives in Las Vegas and was at Bear Lake for a family reunion. We thought we were still in VA, but called to tell us he was about to pass through Logan. So we immediately took off to head back to Utah and met up with him for a quick catch up and bite to eat. Nate and Green were just so happy and laughed all through dinner with memories. They absolutely love spending time together, and it just doesn't happen nearly enough; they are total goof balls. We were trying to think of a single girl we could have him meet and fall in love with so we could make hime stay in Logan. No such luck cause we unfortunately don't know any single women. Thanks for a good time, Green! Always a pleasure. :)
Our house is getting closer to being put together and actually feeling like a home. Which means major crackdown on the job hunt now, no excuses. Nate's car is currently broken so we are in a bit of crummy situation, but life could be worse. We spent Labor Day with the Fuller's and Co. at the Eastern Idaho State Fair (big tradition). It was very cold and wet, but always a good time. We don't have the internet, so my blogs may not be as often as they were, but hopefully that will change soon, if I have any say. Wish me luck in my job hunt!


Brad and Darci said...

I am glad you are home safe! Good luck with the job hunting- that is no fun at all. And I am way impressed by the fishing- how fun for you guys!

Kylie said...

good luck with the job hunt! Your always welcome to come eat at our house if you run out of food. I may not be the best cook but I'll find you something.

Reeders said...

I'm so glad you're back home and I bet you are too! Looks like you had a blast though!!
You've been tagged! Check out my post and do the same!

Cam & Linds Munford said...

sslSARA!!! I found you! Where have you been?! Looks like you have been all over the US! WOW! it looks like you had so much fun! Besides the job hunting now... that's a bummer. Well I miss you and cam and i now live in logan!! And check out our blog at (i just started it not too long ago and i never update it) ha! but keep in touch!

McArthurs said...

Hi Sara, i've only met you once, and it was on your wedding day, so i'm sure you don't remember me. But I'm Nate's cousin Cin. I just came across your guys' blog and thought i'd say hi. It's good to see what you guys are up to. Good luck finding a job. Oh and i don't know if Nate ever reads this, so if he doesn't, tell him there is a kid out here in Ohio going to school with Had and he served his mish with Nate. His name is Keith Nebeker. He was asking me about Nate the other day and said to tell him hi.

Megan said...

We just drove through Logan yesterday and I realised how much I miss it. Hope the job hunting goes well. I know how difficult it can be in Cache Valley where thousands of other college students and recent grads are doing the same. Good thing you are super awesome - good luck!

Ben and Camille Garrison said...

hey i'm glad i found your blog! i love to see what's happenin'! i'm glad things are going well!!!