Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As I finished my routine prenatal yoga the other day, I realized I may not have very many more days with my dear friend Sue. We've become quite close over the last several months, spending a lot of quality time together.Nate gave me this dvd for my birthday this summer, and it has easily been one of my very favorite things throughout this pregnancy. Which got me reflecting...there are some things I think I'm actually going to miss. For instance, using the pregnant excuse. I don't think I've overdone this one, by any means, but I have used it to my advantage lately to get a couple of foot rubs and pedicures. I'll miss how concerned everyone is with my well-being; I realize that soon "me" will really mean the baby. But I've been really greatful at how most people are pretty much willing to bend over backwards in order to make sure the pregnant lady is comfortable, satisfied, etc. While I definitely won't miss the pregnant mush brain, that scientifically I can't explain, but it definitely does happen!, I will miss being able to use that excuse. Probably the number one thing I'll miss about being pregnant is feeling the baby move. It's pretty special. While I suppose pregnancy has it's perks (I know there are plenty more, but right now...I'm claiming pregnant mush brain and can't remember all of them), there are sure a lot of things that make me excited about completing this whole adventure.
One thing I'm definitely looking forward to:
Seeing my feet again. I had to really lean over my belly to even see this much of my toes to take the picture. I'm excited to trade in constant back aches and hopefully remember what it's like to have stomach muscles and run again. I can't wait for people and small children to stop staring at my ginormous belly; maybe they'll just stare at a cute baby that's with me, instead. I'm thrilled to get a comfortable night's sleep. Even if it is only for a few short hours at a time, in between baby cries, I bet for those few short hours I'll be comfortable. I will really miss Nate telling me how much he loves my belly every day and always wanting to rub it like a Buddha, but I'm thrilled to watch him transform into a dad. I can image nothing sweeter.
We had a dr appointment first thing this morning, and I couldn't wait to hear what he had to say, being 40 weeks and all:
I showed up ready for some good news or atleast to hear there's been some progress, only to learn the dr was on his way out the door to perform an emergency c-section, and we needed to reschedule. I suppose if he's not delivering my baby today, he should atleast get to deliver someone's. Please bless there isn't another lucky woman that goes into labor tomorrow (unless it's me), and that we actually get to meet with the dr and figure out what we are going to do about this baby.
Does he atleast LOOK like he's dropped??????? I am getting more and more uncomfortable...or maybe I'm just talking myself into it. We're just ready to be done, I think.
One bit of good news, last weekend we put up Christmas lights and it made my whole day! It's nothing spectacular or fancy, but it still makes me so happy.Except for the part where Nate decided he just had to get on the roof and put lights on the chimney (which have now fallen a bit, as you can tell, meaning he is bound to scale the roof again). I tried to tell him I could not handle the stress of watching my husband slip off the wet, very slanted roof directly onto nothing but rocks below, but he just told me maybe the anxiety of it all would put me into labor. Thanks, husband.
It's nice to make it feel a little more Christmas time. I'm trying my best to get in the spirit, listening to only Christmas music, having lots of Christmas decor up, and today I even bought eggnog. So far, it still doesn't feel like that special time of year. I think what will do it for me is just having this baby! And hopefully getting to bring him home in a stocking. :)


Kim said...

I love having a baby but do miss feeling him moving around inside. I find that people stare at my stomach more now than when i was pregnant because it is still big but I don't have the pregnant excuse! GRRR!Anyway, good luck at the doctor's appt!

Rachel said...

Awww! That would be incredibly cute to bring him home in a stocking!

Warning: Ridgecrest is not Utah. Apparently babies aren't a dime a dozen here. This means that tons of strangers will hound you in the store wanting to know the personal details of your cute little baby and sometimes even the details of his birth. It makes you feel good at first, and then it just gets annoying. Get used to it! :)

Jenni said...

Everyday I am waiting for a phone call. Everyday I am thinking about you. Landry is still waiting for the baby to come out of Sara's belly.

deidra said...

Hope things go well today. We'll keep you in our prayers. You're going to have a baby! (It still seems a little surreal to me.)

There were a couple of times last night when we thought, "Awww, we miss the Fullers!" (One, tonight is our Christmas recital and Nate won't be there to eat all the brie, and two, I smelled Carl's Jr and realized how long it's been since I've been there. Long enough they've had time to remodel and I haven't seen the new insides. Which means, basically since you left!)

Megan said...

You should totally have the baby today - Anna's birthday :) Cause I know you total control over the situation...which is why you haven't had him already. lol.

I agree that getting 2 hours of 'quality' sleep at a time is better than 7 hours of craptastic sleep. Though after the baby comes sometimes your boobs wake you up and that totally stinks. And you can still you the brain much excuse, only now it is due to lack of sleep instead of being pregnant :)

Good luck! Hopefully we will see pictures soon!

n8'swife said...

We're thinking about you guys here at our house. Let us know if there's anything we can do when your little guy makes his entrance!!

hilary said...

i love your posts, sara. yes, yes i do. i love your witty banter. and even though i'm not as far along as you, i coudn't agree more on your thoughts of all things pregnancy. there is nothing more special than feeling the baby move, but i can't wait to have a flat stomach again, sleep comfortably through the night and not get random looks from people, too. (and i've still got 3 months to go, so i'm sure it will only get worse...) i heart the belly picture with the tiny little toes sticking out! so so adorable!! i hope your little man comes soon just in time for the perfect christmas gift. :) can't wait to hear about it, hang in there.