Friday, December 4, 2009

We're kind of a big deal.

Since the beginning of our time here in Ridgecrest, we have heard about the train man. A retired engineer who REALLY loves trains, and has over a mile long track of train you can ride in his backyard. He decks out his land at Christmas time and gives away "tickets" to come for a ride. A little while ago, Nate started a class through work, where he gets to go the train man's garage once a week and learn about machinery, or something. A few weeks ago, Nate told me we were in! Train man had given him a "special invite" to come to the train ride in December. We felt pretty darn special, since we'd heard so much about this train. And I was so excited to put something to look forward to on the calendar! A few days ago, Nate brought home The Ticket, and as I was reading the rules on the back (yes, there are rules), one of them said: No pregnant women allowed. What kind of crazy train is this?! I was so bitter. But wasn't going to miss out on this, because it's such a big deal! We had tickets the same night as our friend's The Hill's, so I decided I could be the designated photographer for the evening, while they all had their train fun. Ashley, Kendall, Tyson, and Nate waiting in line. (Don't worry, it's not snowing. I was just on a strange setting on my camera).

The place was LINED with cars, and we waited in line for probably atleast a half an hour. It seems that everyone in Ridgecrest had a special invite! And here I thought we were a big deal.

We really weren't trying to make this a belly shot, we just wanted to show the lights in the background. But when you're 9 months pregnant, every shot seems to be a belly shot. It kind of becomes a focal point. Nate just wore a t-shirt, because he was going to mutual to play volleyball afterwards, and strangers were making comments to him about freezing, so Ashley took Tyson's extra blanket and made Nate wear it, just to save us from embarrassment. :) It was a little chilly, but it just felt like a brisk fall night to us, definitely not winter, as these Californians claim it to be. I was in a track jacket and sandals and felt great. We passed some friend's from our ward, and they said, "You can tell who just moved from Utah!" Too funny.
Here's the crew finally on the train. Ready and SO excited! Tyson really was excited the whole time we were waiting, but when we got closer to the lights and on the train, he was completely mesmerized and couldn't take his big eyes off any of it. At this point, I was bitterly making my way to the elderly and handicapped bench, where you could wait for your famiily to return from their train ride, since you couldn't ride it yourself. A man Nate works with was running the train they were going to ride, and to make a long story short, I got to ride the train too! He broke the rule, not us. It was a Christmas Miracle!!!!! I felt like a little kid; I was so darn excited that I wasn't getting left out.
The light displays around the yard were fun. They have all been donated from community members over the years.
The pirate ship shoots steam cannons at you when you ride by.
There has to be some toy soldiers in order for it to be Christmas.
We took this next picture while riding over a bridge at mach speed!
Actually, you can pretty much walk faster than the trains go, but the bridge part did make me a little nervous. I kept wondering if there was a weight limit for the trains, and that's why they don't let pregnant ladies ride...

The loch ness monster light display was my favorite. I just thought it was way funny.
The train ride probably lasts a good 10 minutes. I think it's a fun tradition. It's just neat to think that this man loves trains so much, this is what he wanted to do with his retired spare time. And it's something to look forward to in Ridgecrest! It was fun for us to think that next year, our little man could enjoy it, too.
There were probably 20 or so workers helping run the whole thing. I think there are three trains that all go at the same time. It's more impressive to think about all of the work and effort that took place to get the 5200 feet of track intricately designed through his entire yard, than the actual displays. Though we did really enjoy the little village we rode through, mostly because there was a brothel and we all couldn't stop laughing.
A Christmas tradition isn't complete without Santa scaring small children.
Here's Tyson looking at his mom like, What on earth have you done to me? Classic.
We had a really fun night and glad we could share it with friends. Even though we learned we probably aren't as big of a deal as I thought we were. :)


n8'swife said...

How fun! In our 7 Christmas's here in Ridgecrest we've only gotten to go one when Benjamin was pretty little! I'm glad he broke the rules and let you ride!

stacey said...

Look at your belly! You're totally a big deal!! :)

Rachel said...

Nate hooked us up and got us tickets for Saturday night. I am SO excited! It should be fun! And I can't wait to see Dexter scream his head off on Santa Clause's lap!

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

Dear Sara,

#1 I'm SO glad you were able to ride the train!! What a fun thing to do. I might even be a little jealous. :)

#2 I love that Nate is wearing his Aggie shirt in your "belly" shot.

#3 Your belly is dang cute!

#4 I'm sad we missed pie night.

#5 When I was reading about how you two were thinking that your little man would be able to enjoy it next year made me realize how happy I am that you are soon going to be a mommy and that I deeply miss you guys...even Nate. :)

#6 Your home looks cozy for Christmas.

#7 Merry Christmas!!!!