Monday, May 17, 2010


Last weekend, we were able to make an UBER quick trip to Utah (post on that to come later) so that Nate could walk at Utah State University's graduation. I made him do it. That is all. He thought it was pretty silly, since he received his actual degrees last August and has been working in his career for the last 8 months, but I needed closure. I'm pretty sure an engineer's wife should get her own degree. And I really wanted to see the "hooding" for his Master's; I just think that's pretty special. He technically should have walked at December's graduation, but there was a baby complicating life and making that trip impossible to plan. So he gave in, because it meant a trip home. His mom told me this was THE BEST Mother's Day gift ever :)
Somehow we lucked out with a lovely day in Logan, and Nate walking RIGHT next to us.
He was just happy to see Evan, not about walking. Right before this picture he was yawning.
Where's Nate? He's the tall one wearing the black hat, looking up to find his family.
Oh, it'd been much too long since we'd been here...felt so good to be home.
The actual hooding
What a cheeser (apparently this is his graduation pose. I have a picture at my graduation with him doing the EXACT same pose.)
Man, that felt good. I'm pretty sure this meant a whole lot more to me than it did him.
I know I look crazy in this, but I love Evan's little smirk
One of Nate's best friend's, Chris, came all the way from Boston! (Ok, his sister was graduating the next day, but he still sacrificed an afternoon to spend with us, and it was awesome!)
The Fuller's, thoroughly enjoying the ceremony
I did my best to keep the child entertained

Evan loved rubbing Aunt Mandy's jacket all over his face. So easily pleased.
Officially, no more school!!! (Don't you love the trees in the back? That's Logan springtime for ya! ;)
Happy Aggie Family
One day, buddy. You too will carry on the Aggie tradition.
I'm so incredibly proud of Nate. For finishing his Bachelor's and Master's, for doing it quickly so we weren't in school until the end of time, for getting us through it debt free, and for completing with such awesome grades. I really admire him; he sincerely enjoys school. I'm pretty sure he would just keep going to school forever if I would let him. His hard work in school has brought our family so many blessings already. I love having a husband who is constantly learning and expanding his knowledge. What a lucky boy Evan is to have him to look up to. Congratulations, love! Even if it is 8 months later. :)


Megan said...

Congrats to your husband (and you). Go engineers! Go aggies! ;)

Sar and Dan said...

Congrats! I know how you feel about wanting closer! I'm making Daniel walk when it's his turn...he "owes" me at least that! I'm happy for you guys!!

Carly said...

congrats! that is a huge accomplishment. ps- i love your hair curled like that

Ty and Zara Franklin said...

CONGRATS NATE and a BIG CONGRATS to Sara! That is an incredible accomplishment! We are thrilled for you guys! Way to go!

Kelly Gerritsen said...

Yay for graduation! And debt free is awesome!! Seriously. And Evan is the cutest little guy!

Zack and Callie said...

We would have driven to Logan... or North Ogden, A&W, Charlie's, wherever. You probably drove right past our house. Whatever, we're not friends anymore. In fact, we're going to plan a trip to Palm Springs and not stop by.