Friday, May 14, 2010

Sara's Trip

We were so lucky to have Nate's sister and niece come out and visit us. They came all the way from Virginia to meet little man Evan, and we loved every minute!

We flew kites at the park. (Ridgecrest is the perfect place for kite flying. We basically have two seasons: hot and windy.)
Hannah and I explored the playground
Of course, there was plenty of fish feeding.
And lots and lots of dress up. Cause that's what girls do!
Somehow he got out of toenail painting.
Hannah LOVES to be "fancy".
She put on ALL of my "jewels", over and over and over.
Then we would have to walk around and just be fancy!
For some reason, fancy also meant wearing Uncle Nate's shoes.
In Evan news, our dear friends lent us their Baby Einstein Jumper. (side note: I have been BEGGING Nate to let me buy this. He refused to pay so much money for a toy. I was complaining this to my friend, and she magically pulled one out of her closet! :) Lesson leaned= whine to your friends about baby stuff, they probably have exactly what you need and are willing to lend it until their next child arrives.)
He gets a kick out of this thing! He's a big kicker, so it's awesome for him to make himself jump. And he thinks it's so great when he accidentally presses the buttons that make songs go.

After we took Sara and Hannah to the airport, we were pretty bummed to see them go, so we stopped by the ocean on our way home to cheer ourselves up.

Evan could NOT take his eyes off the water. He was mesmorized.
But I think he liked it!

Our little California boy!

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Megan said...

I wish I had $100 to buy this wet suit I want. Whine. Whine. Whine. I wish.