Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Evolution of Beard

This is what we've been living with for the last month or so.Nate basically shaves on Sunday these days, that's it. When General Conference came around, he didn't have to shave that week. As laziness got the best of him, 2 weeks unshaven brought much curiosity.
As a Mother's Day gift to his Mom (not his wife, because apparently it doesn't matter if she likes it or not), he decided it was time to end his shenanigans.
Phase 1
No neck hair
Phase 2
Chin strap
Phase 3
Mega Sideburns
Phases 4
Best Buy SalesmanPhase 5Spanish Conquistador
Phase 6
The Stache
So many names come to mind...Can you guess which one is Nate's Favorite?
The Final Phase last.
Can you guess which one is mine?
Which one is your favorite???


melissa and nathan said...

Oh that is awesome! The stache was not my favorite. But, who am I to say? Just the cousin from Idaho! The last is my ahhh as well. I bet he was scaring his own child with all that hair!

Megan said...

We did that with Spence and his 3-day beard before we got married... LOL! What is it with these boys and their love for the "porn 'stache"? Blech!

chartie said...

I personally liked the full beard minus neck hair. But you should have tried the StarBurns look! (if you're into the show Community)

And I prefer to call it the "molestache."

Rob and Mare said...

Hahahahahaha! Oh, but look how sad he is.... :( Let him grow it back!!! ;)

Three Men and a Janie said...

That was a good post. Ha Ha! The Stache reminds me of Kip on "Napolean Dynamite." Heard you guys were up here and I'm super sad I missed seeing you and that cute bubby! (Woops, I mean handsome child. Paul gets mad when I call boys "cute")

Megan said...

Haha. I have a set of pictures where Ross did the exact same phases. Not even kidding. Then on the last one he put on a cowboy hat and he totally looked like a creepy Mexican with thin stache. Ewe. So gross. Ross does so many different things on a daily basis with his facial hair I don't think I even notice anymore. lol. Tell Nate next time to do one with just his soul patch. I actually kinda like those. The rest? Not so much.

Oh ya. And those were vanilla wafers, not carrots, on my fro yo. Silly girl!

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

So overall I would have to vote for the no-hair face!! But I laughed pretty hard when I read your "phases" and the descriptions that went along with it. "Best Buy Salesman" HAHAHAHA!!!! That's great!!!

So glad you made a surprise visit!!! When I saw you standing outside your care my heart was soooo happy!!! July can't come fast enough!!! And I just want to squeeze that little munchkin of yours!! He's exactly how I expected him to be....just like him mom and dad...ALWAYS HAPPY!!!

deidra said...

He shaved for his mom? Does his mom have to kiss that? Not right.

Chris is also a Sunday-only shaver (luckily he's not too hairy of a man). We have a similar series of pictures of the diminishing facial hair after his international trip a few years ago. He finished things off with a Hitler 'stache, and with all his German ancestry, it was a bit freaky.

stacey said...

I'm starting a new facebook campaign: "Bring back Nate's Beard!"

stacey said...

ps thanks for the free publicity :)

Jamie said...

I liked the beard. The trimmed version with no neck hair. keep it.;)

Kristen said...

I vote conquistador, all the way (at least until he has to go to work next)