Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beach Birthday Extravaganza

Since my birthday weekend consisted of driving all day to attend the funeral, then turning right back around and driving all the way back, my dear husband went above and beyond for me the next weekend. We had MY perfect day. Beach, shopping, eating out, and cake. :)

What a stud. Evan is too cool for his own good. This was his first experience with sand, and I'm quite sure it's his new favorite thing.

He LOVED raking his hands through it, over and over.
And got a kick out of burying his feet and finding them again.
Here he is strolling the beach; out favorite thing to do. I love this picture, even though he looks liek such a big boy.
When big waves were coming, the sound made Evan a little nervous. He couldn't seem to figure it out.
It was a little chilly in the water at first, and Evan would just go totally stiff. Is it mean that I thought it was so funny?
After a few waves, he seemed to get the hang of it. And I like to think he really enjoyed it!
We strolled, searched for seashells, and explored the pier...
And played in the water more, of course.
Evan might look angry here, but it really was just too bright for him, I think. He actually started splashing at the waves when they would come to him.
Don't worry, I would hold on to him when the waves would come, so he wouldn't get taken out to sea. Though Nate was down in the water taking the picture, so I'm sure he could've caught him. :)
Best Birthday gift ever. Ah....
I sure do love me some beach. I kept telling Evan if he was going to be a true California boy, he'd better get used to this.
Cuddling up, drying off, and getting warm.
I can't think of many things better than laying on the sand with my two guys , soaking up some rays, smelling the salt, and listening to the waves crash at our feet. Let's make every weekend a birthday weekend, okay honey?
My favorite picture of the whole trip. TOO cute.
We had barely pulled out of our parking space, when I turned around to look at Evan. Don't worry, he fell asleep, while taking a drink. Goodness, I love him.
My birthday was completed with none other than a Cherry Dr Pepper cake!
WOW, to an absolutely wonderful birthday!


Isaac said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I think the first time we met is was right around your birthday. It is fun to see Evan exploring new things:)
- Emily

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

Yay for Nate taking you shopping and to the beach for your birthday! 1000 points!!! :) It looks like Evan really could be a true California boy. That beach looks heavenly, as does that cake. Glad you got to finally celebrate your birthday! You're the best!

Ty and Zara Franklin said...

What a cute little "Beach Boy" you have! Glad you had a Happy Birthday! Looks like so much fun!

stacey said...

Did you remember his plastic pants?

deidra said...

Fun, fun, fun! I want to go to the beach!

(We're having a heat wave here and are in the 110+ heat index. It's not quite your level of hot, but getting close. Darn that awful humidity!)

Reeders said...

Happy Birthday Sara! That picture of your boys is just too darling! What a great birthday!

Megan said...

Now that is a birthday bash worth reliving! Glad you were able to celebrate it in style :) Mmmmm. Cake.

Hill Family said...

I love the sunglasses on Evan!

Jenni said...

Looks like fun!