Monday, August 30, 2010


Two thoughts:
1. Has it seriously been a year since our lives completely changed, leaving our gorgeous Logan summer and everything familiar, and arrived in the desert, not knowing a single thing to expect, but taking it all on, just holding each other's hand? Feels like that was just last week.
2. (In the words of my sister) "You've only been there a year?! Man, it feels like you've been there FOREVER.
How it is it possible to feel both of these completely opposite feelings at the same time, you may wonder? My only answer: I don't know how, I just know that I do.

A year ago, I was creating a list about this new place I was supposed to call home. A year later, feeling a little more grounded here, here is my new list of what I've learned, which surprisingly hasn't changed that much:
-Nate still LOVES his job. He loves it more every day. For the last month, he loves it so much in fact, he has gone to work in the early hours of the am and spent every day of the week except Sunday there. Willingly. And though it has obviously made him tired, he still enjoys it.
Much like Utah has two seasons: winter and construction, Ridgecrest has two seasons: hot and windy.
-I enjoy having the mailman and clerks at the store (and even the cable guys! unfortunately, they have been to our house that often) comment on how cute my baby is, how much he is growing, etc. You don't get that in Utah.
-I'm completely spoiled by having all of my grocery stores within about 4 minutes of my house. It puts me out when I have to go "clear to the other side of town" to hit the grocery store that's furthest from me. It takes appox. 7 minutes to get there.
-It's still a boring place to be. Thank goodness, I now have Evan to entertain my days. But even still, we both tend to get a little stir crazy sometimes. You can only visit the grocery stores so many times a week. Isn't that how it always goes, though? I'm so greatful for our routine, but it seems like once you get comfortable in it, you also get bored with it.
-The first time we drove into this valley, all I could see was deserted buildings, empty lots, a run down town and heat beyond imagination. It's funny now, I've nearly forgotten about those exterior things, except for the heat of course. Now when I look at this valley, I see what makes up the borders of it. Good neighbors, thoughtful friends, strong values, a patriotic community, and heat beyond imagination :)

When we go visit family, I get the overwhelming, heart warming "home" feeling. The mountains, the fresh air, the grid system of the streets, the familiarity of everything, and above all, our families. When we return to Ridgecrest, I don't get that "home" feeling, but I do have the feeling that this is where I live, where my family is. It's not just a place I'm staying for awhile. In my book, that's a big step. It's now familiar to me. I now have roots here, though not too deep that it would be hard to break me away. :)

A few things I love about my life right now, here, one year later, that I could have never imagined:   

Baby blues :)
Bath time! I had no idea it could be so much fun!!
Little buddies
Thoughtful friends, who spend hours creating a most delicious surprise for me, to then have it melt because of our awful heat, in the 2 1/2 minutes of driving it takes to get from her house to mine.
Fishing close enough to make my husband happy.
Views from on top of the world and such good friends that take on adventures.
And most of all, that he would think to call me, on top of the world, during said adventure. (Awww... )

A year ago, my cousin gave me the best advice: "Embrace it, cause what other option do you have?" So Ridgecrest, since I have a feeling we are going to be getting to know each other a little better than I had originally hoped for, I am embracing you. Please continue to reveal your hidden treasures to me. So that I don't have to count down the days until Christmas for our next trip "home" ;) 


stacey said...

Yeah for blue eyes! Boo for them living in Ridgecrest...

deidra said...

As I was crying to Chris last night (it's our new Sunday tradition. We used to hang out with family. Now, I cry.) I told him, "I know things will be better in a year. It will feel more like home in a year and I'll have found my place in a year. I just don't want to wait for a year. I want to be back 'home' where it's comfortable and I had all those things."

I know that I just have to give things time, but it's hard to endure each lonely day. From the outside looking in, your year went by pretty quickly, but I know that #1 and #2 are simultaneously at work here again. And I still miss you. Any word about recruiting at Purdue? We'd love a visit.

Sorry for the whine fest, but I know you know the feelings. I'm totally going HOME next month. Despite what people (Nikkala) tell me, Logan is still home.

melissa and nathan said...

You are awesome! When I read your blog, I go back to me being a newlywed with a baby (so between 1-3 yrs) and totally live my life again. Living in Bakersfield, down a dirt road, always thinking planning my next trip "home". Watching the clocks for when Nathan would FINALLY come home to me. It was a very difficult adjustment, but I PROMISE, in the end, worth it.
I PROMISE! Hang in there and enjoy the heat! Soon, the fog will start in.

Anonymous said...

How do you know you don't get that in Utah? You never had a baby in Utah. People said that about Trayson ALL the time.

Jenni said...

Happy Anniversary!

Rob and Mare said...

Aw... I love this post. It made me sad though. I hate the fact you're so far away. And I love those big blue eyes! He's so cute!

Hill Family said...

Oh we are so glad to have you with us for sanity sake:) Completely selfish:)

Ty and Zara Franklin said...

It makes me so much better after reading your blog. We are experiencing similar things and feelings. You make me feel stronger! Take care and keep up the great work! Sooner than you think, we might be visiting in Pop and Gram B's living room feeling very "homey" in deed! Stay cool :)

Movie Fan said...

Just stumbled upon your blog tonight but your latest entry was intriguing! I will be back to read more for sure!! Good like finding more hidden treasures :)