Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beating the Heat

It is still ridiculously hot here in Ridgecrest, so last weekend a few of us decided to go up, up and away from it all by visiting Kernville for the day. It's a lovely drive through mountains that almost makes you forget you are in the desert. Only about 45 minutes away from us is lovely Lake Isabella, which on the last Saturday before school started, was much too crowded for our taste. So we curved around the scenic lake to the Kern river. The river was also pretty crowded, but we found a great place right on the bank of the river to set up our chairs and let our feet rest in the cool water.

The boys took Kendall's raft down the rapids, and had a blast!
We had the perfect view from our banks of the best rapid! (Ok, so it's no Snake River rapids, but for little Kernville, it was great!)
Floating away! They were like little kids, having so much fun.
Kendall was able to find a perfect recliner, somehow, in the middle of the river! So relaxing.
Evan, as always, LOVED playing in the water. The water felt so refreshing.
The boys had a blast just splashing away!
Evan now gets a kick out of splashing water on his face. All of this time in water lately has made bath time pretty interesting. I love that he isn't afraid, though!
He pretty much dunked himself, he was that excited to just be playing in it.
What a wonderful break it was to not be melting! Nate has been working A WHOLE LOT lately, so not only was it great to play in the river, Evan and I were so happy just to be able to play with daddy! We are glad we got to have such a fun day with such fun friends.
Back at home, where it's not so cool and refreshing, this is how we spend a lot of our awake time.
He may or may not be teething. :)


deidra said...

That looks like a good little break from it all. If we didn't live on opposite ends of the continent, I'd love to have gone with you! People are talking fall and you guys don't have to worry about your summer being snatched away so soon. Just blazing hot for the months where the rest of us get to enjoy it.

PS- I love Nate's face in the last picture. Why can't we feed things to kids without making weird faces?

n8'swife said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! How fun! That's awesome that Evan isn't afraid of the water. I wish we would have instilled that in our kiddos!

chartie said...

It's been hecka hot out here, too (though probably nowhere close to Ridgecrest hot - but it IS humid!). We just need to find us a cool place like that for us. It looks like fun.

stacey said...

Is Nate flexing in all those topless pictures???