Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recruiting once again

 We made a very quick road trip out to Utah to take Stacey home, and so  Nate could get one more recruiting trip in to Utah State before baby comes. I don't know that we will be able to go home as often once there are two kids, so I was desperate enough to make the 12 hour drive at 32/33 weeks pregnant, to see my mountains one more time :) Stacey made for THE BEST traveling buddy for Evan. This was the easiest trip we have ever done.
 We got to spend about a day and a half at Grandma Susan's, which was just enough time for Evan to do some homework with Trayson, and for Trayson to teach Evan how to draw the number 4. (????)
Evan loves telling people about The Pirates of the Carribbean ride at Disneyland (even though he acts very scared the whole time he is on the ride), and sing "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!" This encouraged Grandma Susan...and from here, Evan and Grandpa turned the couch into a barge and started attacking "the bad guys". It's so fun watching his imagination flourish! And I was so gratetful we could stop and visit for a short while.

 We headed up to glorious Logan, and Evan was so good to be in the car again. 45 minutes feels like nothing, compared to hours and hours and hours!!
 He got even more excited when we told him we were going to a hotel, and going to where the Aggies are!!
 We went shopping for new glasses for Daddy, and caught a glimpse into Evan's future, which I'm sure is not too far! (Sorry your parents have such terrible eyesight, son)
Grandma and Grandpa Fuller came down to Logan one night to meet up with us for dinner, and of course, we had to hit up Sam's Club afterward. This is what happens when Grandma is in charge at the store :)
 After a successful recruiting time at the career fair with the Aggies, an AWESOME snow storm (hooray! we hadn't seen snow all winter!!), and hitting up some of our favorite restaurants and stores, we got to go up to Preston for about another day and a half. Nate's sister and her husband, who I think we've only seen once since they were married last spring, came down from Rexburg to hang out with us, and so did Nate's youngest sister. We had playing games and eating treats. Saturday morning, we all headed to the local Fire Station for a donation breakfast put on by the firefighters to help fund a young girl's education, whose parents have passed away. Those firemen sure know how to cook! Evan absolutely loved seeing all the firetrucks in the station. And they gave him a hat! Best day ever!

 My soul was fulfilled leaving Cache Valley, having spent time with family and Aggies, taking in the beautiful, snowy scenery, shopping, and eating lots of my favorite things.
 I never considered my self a country girl before, but after living in the desert, I realize this is truly where my heart belongs. It's breathtaking!
Driving back to Cali was not nearly as much fun for this little guy without his travel buddy. We had to whip out Tangled pretty early on, only to have the dvd player die halfway through the movie. That did not help anyone's situation. Evan is a trooper, and really does so well, for how often we make him do that car ride. I felt most for Nate on this drive, because he had to listen to me and Evan BOTH whining the whole way home :)
 Evan is such a good helper these days, which I'm hoping continues when baby sister comes. He loves picking things up off the floor for me (because he can obviously see how hard it is for me lately!), cleaning up his room, putting dishes away, getting the mail, sweeping up his messes, and taking off his shoes and putting them in his closet. He's very curious about cooking, so lately, I've been trying to let him help me whenever I can. One night, we made rice krispies while Daddy had a meeting, specifically so Evan could do everything himself. He totally loved stirring, pouring, and especially cleaning the spoon! This was a definite moment where I felt so lucky and happy to get to be a mom :)
Every now and then, I catch glimpses of Nate and I in Evan. He makes certain faces that look just like mine (surprise, surprise), but he has so many mannerisms that are totally Nate. We were all watching a basketball game the other night, and I looked to my left and found Nate and Evan sitting the exact same way.
They are my favorite :)


Deidra said...

I think I am incapable of visiting CV now and coming home without lots of shots of the mountains and scenery on my camera. It just gets to me.

I'm hoping the next little while goes well for you! (And if you think Nate is cute with Evan, just wait for that baby girl. It's a whole different breed of adorable with a dad and his baby girl. (Not that we have a son to compare it to, but I know it.))

Tara said...

so cute! What a sweet little guy. He will be such a good big brother! Even though I'm not from Utah, I miss my time there too.

stacey said...

I hope that husband of yours let you stop in Primm...

That Darn said...

Fun to read and I love seeing the CV pictures. Glad you got to get some family time in. Your Evan is so adorable. I love that last picture of him and Nate. Good luck!