Monday, March 26, 2012

A Day For Patrick The Saint

 I'm all about going all out for holidays, and while I don't really think Nate is, it's fun to force Evan to do it with me now, while he doesn't have an opinion yet :) When else can you eat green cinnamon rolls?!
 And I love any excuse to make my green monster smoothie. OK, so I'm pretty sure this was at least the second time that week I had made this smoothie; love it, love it, love it!! But on St Paddy's Day, Evan drank it with me.
 Totally Irish, right?!
The luck of the Irish fell upon us in the desert, because it rained!!!!!!! And it was so FANTASTIC!
 Evan was honestly shocked when we first went outside that day. He just sat and stared in disbelief at the stream of water coming off the rain gutter for the longest time.
He colored a picture for the local Albertson's (totally by himself, and I loved that it turned out to be a leprechaun rainbow), and we went and turned it in for a prize and participated in all the lucky fun the store was putting on.
 After 5 years of marriage, I still can't get Nate to eat corned beef with me for one day a year. But once again, Evan can't tell me no :) So the two of us ate some for lunch, and Nate didn't complain because I didn't make him eat it.
Our green dinner consisted of green chile chicken enchiladas and a green can of gingerale to help with the heartburn aftermath. So worth it.
 35 weeks, a celebration pic when I got home from the doc that day, because I didn't gain anymore weight since the previous appointment. Hooray! I felt really great about that, since I had just read a couple nights before in my pregnancy book that at this point, you may not gain anymore weight. The baby will continue to grow these last few weeks, but it's normal to not gain from this point. Yippee! I'd be thrilled if I can keep this going until the end :)

 We had only 4 weeks left at this point! The one benefit of having a c-section is knowing you definitely have an end date. We are scheduled for surgery at 39 weeks, so the countdown really is on!
 I am starting to panic/nest (just a bit!), and today I spent my day super-duper cleaning, everything. I dug out the infant seat to wash it and get it ready for baby girl, and Evan was convinced it was his. I kept telling him it was for baby sister, and that he was a big boy. His response: "No thanks, Mommy, I need to be a baby now." Yikes, I'm afraid he's going to give me a run for my money when the actual baby arrives. He spent most of his day in this car seat. He would go gather toys from his room, then bring them back to the kitchen and play with them while he sat here. Silly baby.
And I can't let a March post go by without bringing up a little bit of madness...that's right, that's my final four. We love March Madness at our house!! And I love winning :) Although, it's not over 'till it's over...


Linnae said...

I love seeing your updates! Maybe someday we'll actually get to meet in person. :) I'm totally counting down, too (also having a c-section). Three weeks from today is THE DAY. Can't come soon enough! I think this is the week I need to get out the carseat and bassinet, too, and get all the covers washed. Take care.

Megan said...

Love the belly shots! You are so cute. And 4 weeks? Holla! You are almost there! I have lots of pictures of Anna back in all her baby stuff when I brought it out. Good times. Good times.