Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stacey's California Adventure

 Aunt Stacey got to come out for a visit, and we started her right off with a good California burger!
 Evan had been so excited about picking her up from the airport, this is what we got from him as soon as lunch was over.
 Stacey hadn't been to Disneyland for like a decade, so we decided now was as good a time as any! Highlight of her whole magical experience? The 4D showing of Captain EO. Plus, the awesome buttons we got from it, which we sported the rest of our time there.
 Evan FINALLY made it on the Dumbo ride!! We hadn't been on that yet, and everyone always asks him if he's been on it. We can finally check it off our list! It's a good thing, because I don't foresee us going back to Disneyland for quite awhile, what with baby coming and all.
 I want to take all these toys home with me!
 One of the best things at California Adventure is the Disney Jr show. All of Evan's favorite things in this world, show up in that room: Mickey Mouse and friends, Little Einstein's, Handy Manny, and streamers and bubbles coming from the ceiling! It blows his mind every time. I'm so glad my sister caught this picture of Evan's pure joy.
 Coming out of a bathroom break, we happened upon The Incredibles putting on a little show. My nephew was chosen to come be a part of it! There he is in the green shorts behind Mrs Incredible. So cool!
 And he even got to show us his super strength by lifting these super heavy weights, that not even The Incredibles could lift ;)
My sister's hot tub makes for a great mini swimming pool for all of us to play in the middle of the day.
 Landry and Evan having the time of their lives at the Splash Pad, of course!
 How in the world can I get my town to create a Splash Pad?! My little man would be in absolute heaven.

And it wouldn't be a trip to see the cousins without a little dance party! This particular party got to involve capes and wands and such.
 Once back in the Ridge, we took advantage of the MLK holiday and ventured with Stacey to Fossil Falls.
 It's about 20 or so minutes from town, and it's something we have always heard about and hadn't ever seen yet.
 There's plenty of nooks and crannies and holes to climb in and on and around!
 Evan and Stacey were happy to get to play outside in the sunshine!
 And my bearded husband was pretty excited, too.
 Cute little Evan, exploring every hole he could find.

 Fossil Falls was a great adventure for Nate, Stacey and Evan to go exploring. Being the very pregnant lady that I am, I didn't try to fit in any holes or climb down somewhere I wouldn't be able to get back up. So I stayed up on as flat of ground as possible and took plenty of pictures, watching them have fun :)

 Evan was so thrilled to have Aunt Stacey to snuggle and cuddle with every night. They were best buddies.

They were both equally excited the night I put the robot to work mopping the kitchen. They each pulled up a seat and took in the show
 The weather in the Ridge ended up being absolutely perfect for Stacey's stay. We spent a lot of time outside, basking in the wonderfulness of February :) I think of Evan is yelling at some noisy birds here...
 We blew lots and lots and lots of bubbles...
 Watched a Jazz game or two...
 And spent the rest of our time trying to be as cute as possible so as to convince Stacey to come be our live-in nanny.
Everyone loved having her come stay. Nate loved that I had someone to watch girly movies with, I loved having another adult around all day every day, plus someone to entertain Evan while I actually cooked and cleaned and showered. Evan absolutely loved the fun games she came up with :), and I think Stacey loved the sunshine, most of all. She got a bit of a sunburn, so I considered her vacation a success!

My ALL-TIME favorite splash pad video
Stacey trying to get Evan to do a somersault. He does them just like his daddy :)


Linnae said...

Hooray for family coming to visit! Love that! Good luck with your last weeks of pregnancy. Our due dates are pretty close, aren't they? (mine is April 17).

Callie said...

Zack would be envious of that beard. In fact, I just told him about it and he said, "Really? I miss that guy."

stacey said...

That is one long baby you have