Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Perfect Easter Weekend

 A beautiful 80 degree Saturday started with a community Easter egg hunt at the park, put on by a local church.
 Evan had a blast (all 3 minutes or so it took before the eggs for his age group were all gathered up), and was thrilled for so many reasons: he saw some of his friends there, he was outside, Mommy AND Daddy were with him, he got to carry around his basketball basket, and then got to "find" eggs, which turned out to have treats in them!!
 He seemed pretty darn proud of himself.
 As we were leaving the park, several police cars took off at the same time as us, sirens screaming, and they were going FAST. Next thing we know, we see LOTS of black smoke. Worried it might be Home Depot, which was on our list of places we needed to go that day, we followed the smoke. Turns out it was a house. :( We haven't heard yet how it happened, but it was bad. We watched a pine tree catch, and it looked like the tree was going to take out everything near it. It made us sick to imagine what that would be like.
 As we went around town doing our errands, we saw quite a view of the fire from afar. Pretty incredible.
 A fun, Easter surprise at Tru Value! Baby chicks, and some bunnies. Evan just giggled and giggled and giggled, watching these chicks chirp around. I dare say this was better than Baby Animal Days in Logan! There was no line, no cost, and you could still hold them if you wanted. Plus, Dad can shop for what he needs while Mom takes picture after picture :)
I love having more reason to celebrate the holidays, now that Evan gets so into it. He simply makes life more fun.
 We "hid" (more like placed) all of the eggs he found yesterday all around the living room, and told him there was a special surprise. He saw one egg on the couch at started laughing so hard, then he noticed that there were tons all over the place. Every single picture I took looks something like this one. He was too fast and WAY too excited to look at me or hold still. It was a lot of fun. Then Evan and I watched the dvd He Is Risen, and I had a wonderful opportunity to teach him. I love those moments. 
 After church, he got excited all over again that the baskets were still there! I think he forgot about all of his treats while he was gone :)
 This is as good as it gets for an Easter pic. Him saying. "Cheese" while looking at anything besides me.

And here I am in all my pregnant glory, 10 days left!! Yep, that face describes how I feel. Yikes at what I see in the mirror (I had more than my fair share of comments from people at church today, commenting on the gigantic size of my belly, the baby looking like it's about to fall out, looks like I should have delivered a long time ago, how my back looks like it's about to snap, etc. I'm only 38 weeks people! I went 41 1/2 with Evan! It could be worse. And just might be in the next 10 days) and yikes that we only have 10 days left until surgery! Yikes, yikes, yikes!!!

My ultimate favorite part of this Easter Sunday was Evan teaching me the story about Easter, which he had only just learned in nursery. I may have teared up a little outside of the church as he showed me his pictures and told me about it. And I've probably made him tell it to me at least 5 times since.  I have video of him telling his Easter story, but try as I might, it will not upload on here. Translation: Jesus went to sleep in the tomb. We rolled the stone over. Mary came and she was sad. Jesus woke up and moved the stone and talked to Mary and Mary was happy because Jesus woke up.

I don't know if I have ever felt so very warm in mommy heart before :)


n8'swife said...

I think you look amazing Sara!! Happy Easter!

Brad and Darci said...

I think you look so cute! I hope you are loving every second of being pregnant! Good luck the next few days- I am sure you will be busy!

Ty and Zara Franklin said...

Pop and Gram Betty have been keeping us updated on the arrival of your sweet baby girl! Glad you guys had a lovely Easter! We are excited our little girls can be second cousins! Good luck the next few days! -Zara

Deidra said...

I'm so excited for Baby Girl's arrival. Hope things go well. 41 1/2 weeks— just thinking about that makes me miserable.

Yikes! That house is scary.

Looks like you had a great Easter!

That Darn said...

Just wondering - do you guys put on sunscreen every single day? I simply can't imagine such a sunny day, as your Easter day. The sun just isn't that bright a few states north of you :-)