Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let's Talk Adorable

Don't think that nothing has been going on over here, that's certainly not why I haven't been posting. I have more than enough pictures to share. But IF I ever have some free time to myself (ha ha ha!!), I'd rather spend it sleeping or showering, both things seem to rarely occur, instead of blogging. But I sacrificed a nap to put together a quick post, because I simply cannot stand going another day without sharing :)

I bribed my sister Stacey to come out and stay for awhile to take care of us and help me get back on my feet (not to mention the husband was leaving on travel for a week and Lilly was not even one month old yet). She had lots of photo shoots with her fancy camera, and while we wait for me to put together a post on her stay, and another for Lilly's baby blessing, enjoy some of this adorableness:

Try and pick just one favorite, I dare you.


melissa and nathan said...

hi Sara,
I love the up close shots of her utah state attire!
she is cute!
i feel your pain of husband newborn is just 17 days and off he goes to Fresno.
But, we had a sweet baby girl. #5.
good luck. Uncle Steve called me as he was near our stomping grounds of Bakersfield! glad you had them for the blessing!

n8'swife said...

She is just beautiful!!! Yay for little girls!!

Kylie said...

Love those smiles! She's so cute!!

Deidra said...

Yes, let's do talk adorable. That baby of yours is pretty dang cute.

When are you coming to Indiana so we can meet her? :)

Rob and Mare said...

Oh Sar, she is too cute! I love her smiles!!! So so cute! Can't wait to meet her!

Linnae said...

Love, love, LOVE the open-mouthed baby smiles! She is such a doll.

Kym said...

I just LOVE her!!! She's so smiley!!! And I think she looks just like you.

Callie said...

She's a cutie! I love the first close up of her with the Usu headband on!