Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beautiful Blessing

 We had Lilly blessed the beginning of June, and we were so fortunate to have both sets of parents come, and two sisters :) Lilly's dress was made by Nate's sister Lydia, for a class she took at BYU-I. Lilly's cousin Aubree was the first to wear it last year; maybe it will become a family heirloom!
 She was an angel through her blessing, and then slept in my arms through the remainder of sacrament.
 In Nate's beautiful blessing, he mentioned a sunny disposition...
Which I am grateful for every day!
There are few things greater to me than listening to the man I fell in love with give sweet, tender blessings, especially to his children. They are precious joys to me, the blessings, the children, and the husband :)
 My mom brought out the blessing dress that me and all of my sisters were blessed in. I wanted Lilly blessed in this, but it had yellowed a bit from age, so my mom was trying to get it white again. I think it's so special, and definitely a family heirloom to me!
 So of course we had to get Lilly in it after church. Mind you, she had spent the majority of her day being an angel; the poor girl just wanted to eat at this point!
 She's still a sweet little thing, even when she's sad.
 Do you think she looks like me???
After her photo shoot and some lunch, she spent the rest of her special day mostly doing this. I sure do love her.

I am so thankful to our families who made the sacrifice to come all the way out to the desert in the hot, hot summer to be here for us. It means so much to me to have our Dads participate. While the vast majority of our family couldn't be here, I felt so very blessed to be surrounded and supported by very good friends who are now my desert family. Lilly and Evan are really lucky to have so many "aunts, uncles and cousins" here to fill the void. Even though it was well into the triple digits and it was only June 3rd, it was such a beautiful day.


Rachel F. said...

When Nate got choked up during the blessing.....tears!

Ty and Zara Franklin said...

What a perfect little angel! Looks like a very special day! Both dress are beautiful! Yes, I think she looks like her cute mamma! Hope to meet her in person soon! -Zara

Jamie said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful mama, beautiful family!!