Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nanny Stacey

This really did happen. I'm just a couple of months late. But, it needs to be documented.

My sister Stacey came out and stayed with us shortly after Lilly was born, because Nate was leaving on travel and I was just barely up and walking basically. I needed help. And help she did! She took excellent care of me and the kids, making me take naps every day, doing the dishes every night, and occasionally making dinner, so we could get a break from our stock of freezer meals. She was a hero.The first day Nate was back from travel, he got home from work and said, "Wow! You're showered and dressed!" Yep, she got me back on my feet and really helped me get into the swing of real life again.

(Editor's note: these pictures are in no way in the right order, but seeing as how this all went down in May, I figure it's just great that they are even on here)

 Tiki tea party
 Lots of naps
 Lilly found her best sleeping position
 So happy to meet Aunt Stacey!
 Dressed and showered, in the same day!
 Cuter than cute, really
 Happy Birthday, Nate!! (According to him, he is finally in his prime, at 29...)
 Nate's favorite job after Lilly arrived was putting Evan down for his nap ;)
 Getting some chub!
 The boy loves a good tree to hide in
 So comfy
 Happy baby!!
 Evan caught on quick to the attention Lilly receives when she is wearing her headbands
 Played at the park a lot
 Trying to cool off, triple digits in May
 Ridgecrest's splash pad (ha ha)
 Without fail, this was the only way to get her to stop crying at 8pm every night (SO happy we have grown out of that stage)
 Daddy dressed Evan one Sunday after church ???????????
 Somehow this happened with three adults in the room, and none of us noticed it happening.
 Stacey did the trick every time.
 Lots of mommy and me late night rests on the couch
 This boy asks to hold baby every. single. day. They have both gotten better at it, which means Lilly isn't so terrified anymore.
 Yep, pretty much
 Coolest tea party ever
 By the way, he specifically asked to have a tea party. Thankfully, Stacey made it a Tiki Tea party because she didn't think his dad would appreciate princesses.
 Who needs a crib when you have a Stacey?
 He's pretty stinking adorable, too.
 I told Nate I was going to buy Evan his own headbands so he wouldn't stretch out Lilly's. That didn't really go over well.
 Evan wanted to dig (this is our ONE spot in the yard that does not contain rocks, and he can actually play in) so Stacey told him he had to take his shorts off so he wouldn't get dirty.These are the kind of things I would wake up to after my naps :)
 Jungle baby...
 Boo! It's his favorite game to look at each other through this very easily amused
 It was hot enough, and he did need a haircut....
 Shopping out of town, "Look! Flowers!!!" Don't see those every day in the desert ;)
 Nearly every day, Evan would give us some kind of entertaining performance: guitar or dancing or
 Piano playing or singing. Here's to hoping he's got a musical bone or two in his body :) I love that about him.

We ended Stacey's stay with Lilly's blessing, which you all already know about :)

Stay tuned for more picture overloaded posts of the rest of our summer.

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Callie said...

Love the pictures of Evan with the headbands... And the marker on the face. What a great sister you have.