Monday, August 18, 2008

No Regrets

Well, after a summer full of surprises, our fun times have come to an end. We have to go back to reality now. What an incredible opportunity this summer has been for us; we couldn't have asked for more. We got to do every single thing on our "list", which I am so pleased with. I am so grateful for the chance I had to step out of my shell and experience so many new things. In honor of Wicked, I feel that I have changed for the better! We leave Virginia exhausted, but with absolutely no regrets. We are excited to get back to family, friends, and most of all Logan. THere are a lot of things we are going to really miss about being out here in the east, but everywhere has its pros and cons. We spent our last weekend with Sara's family and had a blast! Dance parties, delicious Sunday dinners, hide n seek, and late night talks with Sara are some of our very favorite memories.

This is a picture of my teeny tiny Curves, just to show my cache valley curves ladies how greatful they should be for their space.
Here is Hannah being a star right before her backflip off her mom's legs. It was awesome!
The girls watching a video of themselves on Nate's phone. They got a kick out of that!
Even baby Bella got her turn being a little trapeze artist. She just loved it!
Here's what the girls thought of us leaving. Bella just is always laughing, no matter what.
We have become so attatched to these girls this summer. I don't know what we, especially Nate, are gong to do without getting to see them all of the time. They own him. :)

Wow girls, where did you get your funny face pulling gene?Sadie, me, and Hannah after our very last dance party.

Here is Sara and all the girls waving to us as we left their house this morning. I cried for atleast an hour. Yes, we got to do and see a lot of way cool stuff this summer, but the absolute best part has been getting to spend time with Sara and her family. I feel so blessed. Thank you a million times over.

So day one of the long haul home is over, but it is too late and I am too tired to post all about our first day so tomorrow night will have to be a double hitter.

At dance party one night, Hannah created this totally sweet dance move and she calls it the hula. We make her do it ALL the time. Sadie then came up with her own version too. This is them doing their hula's at sunday's dance party.


Brad and Darci said...

I am glad that you guys were able to do so much this summer. What a neat experience for you two. I understand how hard it was for you to leave. You just have to plan trips to go back and visit:) I am excited that you will be back here though- we will definitely have to get together!

stacey said...

You know what would probably help Nate cope? Babies of your own.

Megan said...

I was going to say exactly what Stacey said. Haha. Those little girls are pretty cute though. I am glad you guys had a good time and a great experience. You did so much stuff while you were there. I wouldn't be surprised if you can back to Logan and just slept for a week straight. And that Curves is tiny! Although Hyrum might give it its run for the money ;)

Mare and Rob said...

My Sara is coming home! I've missed you. Even though I probably wouldn't have seen you in those few months you were gone, but I just like it when you're HERE:) I can't believe how amazing your summer was. I'm glad you got to do everything on your list. Drive super safe! See you soon!

Oh, and get ready for our marathon Birthday lunches;)