Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taking it easy

At the beginning of the summer, we found out about a cool concert going on in Baltimore at the beginning of August. There were two stages and there were going to be several bands we would like to see play. It was a bit pricey, but early on we decided it would be worth it and put it on our calendar. This last weekend is when that concert was here. Thursday night, we still didn't have tickets because we found out the two bands we wanted to see the most were playing at the exact same time and we were way bugged. All day Friday we were trying to decide what to do; neither of us had this pulling feeling that we just HAD to go to this concert. I think we were finally exhausted by our own summer. If we went, it would mean another saturday of waking up early, spending quite a bit of time in the car, and then being outside all day long and paying too much for crappy food, then getting home very late. This basically sums up what a lot of our saturdays have been like. Though we knew if we went we would have great time, after staying up so late watching the opening ceremonies on friday night, we just said forget the concert tomorrow, we're definitely sleeping in. It was so wonderful!!! It was like a normal saturday! After enjoying our sleep in and actually making breakfast, we took off to the Outlet mall that's about 15 minutes away in the next town. Nate said he didn't care what we did that day, he just wanted it to be low key. So we shopped and had a blast! I've never been shopping with Nate just for fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. These were premium outlets and it was pretty fun to go in the Barney's New York, Coach, etc. They did have some semi-normal stores and we thank the following participating stores for letting us go home happy with some good loot:

We found some stinkin' good deals, because it's considered "end of the season" right now. Nate was so funny, we found some things for him and there was nothing that I felt I just had to have or really wanted, but he said we weren't leaving until I got something too. He decided since we would have spent a lot more money going to the concert, we had to treat ourselves. After the shopping extravaganza, we ate at our favorite restaurant out here, Sweetwater Tavern. We are going there once more before we leave on Friday night, because we are going to seriously miss that place. We ended our evening watching the Olympics with Justin and Andrea, just as we have concluded every other night this week. Although they usually fall asleep and go to bed early, and Nate plays his Wii during the "boring" stuff, but I just can't turn away from it. Every event I am just loving, and it's making me more tired than I already am! Tomorrow is my last dy of work and I am definitely ready. Nate will finish on friday, and I will clean and pack while he is at work, pick him up, go to Sweetwater, then head to Warrenton to stay at his sisters' for the weekend. We plan on going to the Temple one last time on saturday, and just enjoying our last few days before we wake up early on monday morning and start our trek back home!!! I took a fe more pictures of the inside of our house, cause I told my mom I would. :)

I love this kitchen because the entire back wall by the sink is just window and it's beautiful, very happy.This is where we spend each night watching the Olympics. (I don't know why it's blurry, sorry.)Cory-I am really going to miss this dog. He thinks he is a lap dog, he doesn't know he is quite large. As soon as I sit down for Olymipcs he is in my lap. Nate gets jealous, because he can't sit by me in the chair when Cory is on my lap. I love feeling loved by this puppy! He is so great, we refer to him as a lazy old man. Nate's convinced he will find a way to clone Cory.


Anonymous said...

I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE COMING HOME!!! You should stop by Wall Drug on your way and pick me up a bumper sticker! Pat Gordon has one and I'm so jealous... anyways, love you! Chris

Jenni said...

Good luck with the trip home!!

The Nate and Sara Project said...

Chris are you kidding me?!? Pat Gordon, what are the freaking odds. She would be someone to go to Wall Drug. Sorry, we aren't going through S. Dakota for the route home. :(

Sar and Dan said...

Sara, you are way too sweet for your own good! Thank you!!!