Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the road again

Tennessee was completely lined with fir trees basically the whole time. So this is pretty much the best view we got of the place; real cool. Nashville! That's as close as we got, we have major deadlines. But we were stilly happy we got to see it.
In Kentucky. this is the most exciting thing that we saw. Yay bridges! I don't even remember what river we were going over.
Here is us crossing the Missippi river! Wahoo!!!! It really is ginormous.
Metropolis, IL was our destination for the first day. For those of you that aren't aware, my husband likes to think he is Superman. He is a really big fan, and this was basically on our route, so we couldn't just drive by!

Nate was like a little kid here! He was giggling and just so excited. His smile the whole time in Metropolis was priceless. This Superman statue is actually bulletproof. Honestly, how cool is that?!
Nate had a blast here. I think we spent over an hour jsut looking at anything Superman you could ever imagine, all while listening to Superman music. It was pretty cool.
Supergirl is not really my thing, I'm more about Wonder Woman but they didn't have one of those to put my head in.

Wow, what a hunk!!! Metropolis was good to us, I'm really glad Nate got to go there. A note for anyone ever palnning to go there: Metropolis is indeed NOT a Metropolis. It's about the size of Preston, ID and just about as excting, except for there is a casino here. And Superman of course.

How could we NOT eat here? Thanks for a good time Missouri.So it's true what they say, Nebraska is really flat. There is so much sky! It's a whole nother world, and one that I would probably be ok with never seeing again.
We just so happened upon Cabela world headquarters.
It is literally in the middle of nowhere. We didn't stop and go in since we have our very own Cabela's in Utah. But it was still exciting to see because it's something other than corn to look at!
One thing I will give to Nebraska is that with all of the sky that there is to see, it makes for some pretty spectacular sunsets.
When we got to Wyoming I was shocked at how happy I was. There was more than just one dimension! I actually found myself in awe looking around and thinking it was pretty. Granted, I think western WY is the really yucky part, and that's what we will be doing tomorrow, but right now, I'm just ecstatic to be in Wyoming because that means we are only one state away!! I am SO excited to see my mountans! :) Ozzy puts it best, "Mama, I'm coming home!"


deidra said...

I remember looking around in wonder in Wyoming, too. It is definitely a welcome change to the mid-west! We're excited you're almost home! Do you have an apartment?

Jenni said...

Glad your almost home!

Megan said...

Congrats your almost home. That is a long drive though. I would probably be going crazy. And I hope you played tribute to 311 by playing their music for the whole drive across Nebraska :) Drive safely!