Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Bit of a Flop

Note to self: Do not go to any of the (3) stores in town the night before a holiday. They will be A) packed, and B) completely sold out of anything decent.
I couldn't even find the good ol' PAAS. We were left with some random Tye Dye egg kit. We were pretty disappointed in our final products. Evan fell asleep as soon as we started. Apparently he's not in to tye dye. Or family fun. Or maybe just eggs.Not only can you not find egg dye, you of course cannot find any Cadbury Eggs. It was probably for the best, since that would have been our third bag of the season. Eek!

I knew I wouldn't be able to come even a little bit close to an Easter Feast like my mom does, so I didn't even try. :) I bought a little bit of deli ham and some brown and serve rolls, and along with our funny eggs, that was our sad little dinner. My sweet husband kept telling me it didn't matter what we were eating, it was just special because we were together as a family. Aww...We were lucky enough to find General Conference broadcast on tv so we didn't have to haul the bambino to the stake center for 6 hours. We loved watching conference together, in our own home, at our own convenience. We enjoyed all of the messages on parenting and really took them to heart. Evan actually laughed during all the appropriate parts when President Monson would speak. (He may have just been laughing at us, I suppose!) Conference was certainly the best part of our first Easter as a little family.
Happy little Evan boy, in a very cute onesie from Great-Gram Betty, enjoying his first General Conference.
Maybe he's training to be an Olympian? He's very focused.
This little guy is so content no matter what he's doing, even tummy time! The poor babe had to go to the doc today and the nurse couldn't believe how happy he was for being woken up from a nap, getting a rectal temp, having things poked in his ears and nose, and enduring her cold fingers. He just laughed at her and flirted; it's what he does best.


deidra said...

Sorry you had to watch Conference by your lonesome. Maybe in October we can all watch it together in Indiana! :)

I dyed eggs with a particular 4 year old (Bentley). He ruined all my ambitions for cool looking eggs-- all except one egg I hid from him so he wouldn't mess it up!

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

I'm glad you had an enjoyable Easter, even if it meant that your eggs didn't turn out perfectly. :) And it looks like Nate is already training Evan to work out. :)

Jenni said...

Evan is so cute. Why did he have to have a rectal temperature? Not one of my kids has ever had that done... and we have been to the DR a lot.

Arti said...

Come on Sarah, those eggs may have been the coolest thing I've seen this easter. Awesome. I can't believe how old Evan is looking. Crazy kids!

Hill Family said...

at least you didn't forget to do the eggs:) We still have our unused package! I acutally didn't even remember it was Easter until the opening prayer mentioned that it was Easter. Whoops! I filled the eggs and hid them with Ty watching...he still had fun:)