Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty cute, eh?

Bet you thought this was post about my adorable little munchkin, huh? Ha! I actually do other things besides admire my baby all day. Those other things include Primary. Last night I was in charge of refreshments for a meeting for those Primary kids. Here's what I came up with:Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes! Pretty cute, eh? Too bad I didn't figure out how to make them this cute until the very end of my baking. None of the cute ones were even used for the purpose of making them in the first place! But I still felt darn good about myself being able to even pull this off. I am not a creative or "cutesy" person, so this was a great accomplishment for me!

HA! I bet I've tricked you again. Do you really think I could do a whole post without my adorable little munchkin?! That's just crazy talk.

Last week the babe got sick and I, being a weak mom who felt so bad that the little guy wasn't acting himself, did the one thing I told myself I would never do. I bought him a toy. In my defense, it was on clearance at Kmart. It is so dang cute. And Evan adores it.
I call it Ellie. Nate calls it Bumbo. (Nate calls Evan's actual Bumbo the boppy, and the actual boppy, just pillow. It's hard to be a man in world of baby language.) So Bumbo the Ellie and Evan became immediate best friends.
He hugged and cuddled it right away. He wrapped his hands in the rings. He squealed with delight when I showed him how to crinkle it's noisy ears. Then he nearly lost his breath from laughing so hard when I squeezed it and it squeaked.
You're not thinking about taking this away, are you?
Don't even think about it, crazy lady. We're now attached at the hip.
Until it was bedtime. The next day, Evan seemed to have forgotten about Bumbo the Ellie, simply over night. (One of the many reasons I never wanted to be the one to waste money on toys. That's what grandmas are for!) It took him a little while to get reacquainted.
Bumbo the Ellie was patient and they are now best friends again, attached at the hip. Day in and day out. I have to admit, I might be a little attached, too. It's too dang cute to watch how much Evan loves playing with his buddy! My clearance slip up was well worth it.


Hill Family said...

Fun Cupcake:) Hope you're not sick of them:)Cuttest Baby Award for sure!

stacey said...

Those turned out a lot better than our Easter ones did...Don't worry I ate them anyway...

Nate-Julienne said...

They do look delicious. They make me hungry! And By the way before I hear it from you as well, Trina invited me.

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

What a fun idea for refreshments for Primary, or for pretty much any occasion(especially with chocolate frosting mmmm)!!
And I think you need to take a video of that little mango and put it on your blog cuz I want to hear him laugh. There's nothing greater than little babies laughing!!
I love all of the looks Evan gives you and your captions below the pictures. It fits perfectly!

Zack and Callie said...

I love those! Did you bake them in the cone? I want to learn!

deidra said...

Good work on the cupcakes!

The part about Nate and the baby equipment confusion makes me laugh. Sounds like a guy, for sure! :)

I'm cool with shipping off our husbands to become roommates. Will we live in Logan? I'm already getting excited for a summer of softball!

melissa and nathan said...

Love the narration! Tanner's stuck to the hip toy was an old bag of Choc. Chips. We took it everywhere! Your toy is more appropriate!

Jenni said...

Why would you be against buying kids toys? I am very confused. Will you buy straws, fans and duct tape instead like T? Poor little Evan. A life with no toys.

Ty and Zara Franklin said...

Sorry, you are not a WEAK mom for being a toy. A baby's work is a baby's play! I say spoil them like CRAZY until they know they are being spoiled, then make em earn it well.... most of the time :)
BUT... don't listen to me... when we moved 80% of boxes belonged to the kids. :) Take care!

Megan said...

I love that last picture - like what is this? Haha. I also love that Nate has a different name for anything. Hilarious. How do you keep them all straight?!

Isaac said...

Don't feel bad Nate, I still don't know the difference between a bumbo, boppy, binky, or billboard. (Well maybe the last one...)
Keep posting pics of the cute kid.