Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love my job

The pay is WAY better than I could have ever imagined. It's the first job I've ever had where I really don't mind waking up for it in the morning, or putting in extra hours late into the night. I plan on never retiring. I have very little vacation time and virtually no sick leave, but the perks completely make up for it. My favorite part of the day is not my lunch break or getting mail or even quitting time (because lets face it, there really isn't such a thing as quitting time). My favorite part of the day actually comes approximately four times a day: getting Evan from his crib.

To prove this was not a fluke, here's some more evidence of how happy he is when he wakes up:

This is one of the best reasons why I have the greatest job ever.


Reeders said...

SOOOO Stinkin' Cute!!!

stacey said...

is it july yet?

~Jessie~ said...

Sara, I love the post! Honestly, I do. Thank you for sharing and helping me to remember some of the best parts of being a mother. I might have to copy sometime. :)

Jenni said...

I love Evan! Stacey will have to fight me for him.