Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Celebrating Good Times

Today is this beautiful lady's 80th birthday!
I love this picture of my Grandma Betty. (Great work, Zeb!) She's always had a lovely garden, and loves spending time in it. I have so many fond memories enjoying that garden with her. I also am filled with memories of tea parties, book clubs, sleepovers in the pink room, board games, story telling, enjoying walks, and playing lawn games in the front yard, just to name a few things. Growing up, my family went to visit the grandma's every Sunday evening. I always looked forward to it, and still do. I feel really blessed to have grown up so close to such wonderful grandparents, whom I claim as dear friends. Talking to my grandma on the phone earlier today, she told me she started her birthday with a 2 mile walk, and that she thought that was pretty good for an old lady. :) She's taught me so many things in life, like washing dishes, love for flowers and nature, family history, and taking good care of your body, so you can be healthy and happy at 80!
Gram B, thanks for spreading so much love to me as your (favorite!) granddaughter, and continuing that love and great example for Evan. We love you and miss you, and can't wait to see you soon! Happy Birthday!!!!!

Evan is lucky to share his half-birthday with Gram B. I CANNOT believe that 6 months ago today, our teensy little elf had just graced us with his presence in this world.
I feel so many emotions as I look at pictures from the day he was born. It is hard to believe he was ever that small (not that 9lbs is very small when you're born, but compared to now...)! I had no idea what I was in for as I cradled that new little boy as close to my heart as I could. I thought I had felt all the love I could feel at that moment in time. Every day, nay, every few hours, I am overwhelmed with gushing love all over again! I don't really know what I expected 6 months ago, but I never imagined we would already be doing this: Or finding out how much we love swimming!I should have guessed that he would be such a good eater, especially if there is some sort of sporting event to watch while eating. Just. like. daddy.He also doesn't really like it when I interrupt said sporting events. Just. like. daddy. "Mom....I'm trying to watch the game.

I didn't know I would embrace motherhood so much, and have such a very special bond with my boy.
Or that he would take after his mommy and love to cuddle and snuggle.
I am certainly glad that he puts up with my photo shoots! And I absolutely heart the time we spend together. I was reminded today that not every mom gets to enjoy every little moment with their little ones, watching them learn and grow and embrace the world. I'm feeling incredibly fortunate to have more than enjoyed the last 6 months and can't believe how time has flied. I look forward to every new day!! Especially, when a good amount of our day is spent like this:

From a recent post, you learned my favorite part of the day is getting Evan from his naps. Evan's favorite part of the day, close to when daddy comes home, is jumping in his jumper. Excited is not even a vibrant enough word to describe him jumping! Evan gets a little distracted when the camera is out, so I couldn't get him all of his glory, but it's a pretty good taste. :)


Reeders said...

That was an absolutely beautiful post Sara. Thanks for making me cry...really. Isn't it all so amazing and somehow (in a great way) nothing like you would have expected. You are an amazing mom! Evan is lucky to have you!

Kylie said...

you are such a cute mom! Evan and Nate are lucky to have you!

stacey said...

Does his hair stick straight up naturally, or are you doing that?

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

Your Grandma looks so much like your mom(just an older version, of course!)

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you looking at Evan and he's looking at the camera! I actually cried and then cried again when I read the rest of your post. I can't believe he's already 6 months. THAT makes ME sad and I'm not even his Mommy. You're the best!!! Can't wait to play with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

And...that's hilarious that Evan is already into sports like you and Nate. Looks like he and Riley will seriously be BEST BUDS!! Riley says, "Ba-ket-ball" at least 30 times a day.

3+Love~aki=Us said...

Happy B-day to your grammy! And loved your post. he's so very cute!!

Love you too. ;)

Miss Priss Morgan said...

Hello Nate & Sara!

I just stumbled on your blog, and thought I'd say hello! Little Evan is getting so big, and he is just so precious!

Jenni said...

5 more days! You can visit my ants if you start to miss yours.

Megan said...

Yay for snuggling babies! Anna wasn't one so I was quite excited with Evan was. You look fabulous, by the way, motherhood suits you well!