Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Latest Discoveries

Being 5 months old is pretty exciting in our neck of the woods. A lot of things have come into our lives. First and foremost, FEET. Whatever did we do before we found these guys as our friends? I often find Evan asleep in some sort of pose like this:
If you know my husband well, you know that he is quite the Root Beer connoiseur. (You can see part of his bottle collection below). It was pretty exciting when we ventured to the local brewery for the first time and found this beauty. My husband is so easily pleased.Evan and daddy both (seem to) like being handsome. They are so good at it. They usually end up matching ties for church, but daddy's always comes off before we get out of the car. Long, long, long hairs have sprouted on my baby's perfect little head. You can barely see my fingertip at the top of this picture, holding onto one of those buggers.
He has about 5 of them all around his head.
But as much as Nate persists, I cannot bring myself to cut them. He's my baby!
This awesomeness came from Utah. It is probably the single greatest ingredient to ever exist. It can go on anything!!! Belive me, I have tried. Can't seem to find it in my California stores, so my dear sister ships me the goods.
And then came these! They turned out to create the most wonderful rice krispie treats I've ever had. Thank you, Albertson's, for having cereal on sale for $1.49. Otherwise, I would have never experiemented with these. Sure glad I did!
Laying on our sides is a new found favorite pastime. Evan can roll over, but he prefers to just hang out halfway.
Oleanders bloom! Who knew?! These bad boys line our ENTIRE backyard, so the flowers have brought quite a lovely dash of color to our desert. And I think they smell delightful. I guess having poisonous plants around isn't that bad afterall.
One day, as Evan and I were feeding the fish, we nearly stumbled upon this (in our bare feet)
I looked directly above me to find:
Spring has officially sprung, I guess! Or flown the coop, for that matter ;) I really was sorry for the little egg.
One more feet picture just to make you smile. I cannot describe to you how much this boy loves his feet. Often when I pick him up and he is holding his feet, he won't let go, even while I'm carrying him around.
Besides trying not to melt, these are some of our discoveries lately!


n8'swife said...

Cherry Dr Pepper dessert topper!! I'll have to stay on the lookout for it!

Michelle Bell said...

I think Evan is worried about his feet growing to the same size as his daddy's!

stacey said...

Just think about the next shipment when you combine Nate's favorite thing with your favorite thing...

Ty and Zara Franklin said...

SO glad you mentioned you love the new Rice Krispies. Zoey saw them in a magazine and has been begging to try them. Know we will. Thanks for the sharing your new discoveries. Ty is excited to try the DP syrup too! Don't you just LOVE little toes! "This little piggy went to ..."
:) Zara

Carly said...

what fun discoveries! i love his big blue eyes.

Megan said...

The feet thing is hilarious! While he sleeps?! It's just awesome. Speaking of awesome - that cereal would make AWESOME rice crispy treats. Oh how I could eat a pan of those things. There are just so many different options - it's endless I tell you. I must see if they have those at our Albertsons (or Fresh Market now, I guess). I hope so. Why is 2/3 of America overweight again? Hmmm

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

Evan is very talented to be able to sleep while grabbing his feet. What a talent!!!!

And it looks like you'll be stocking up on that dessert topper when you come out to Utah. :)

Kylie said...

I love this little boy and I don't even know him! He just gets cutter every picture you post.