Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Let's eat cereal, cereal!"

"Come on, eat your cereal!!" Yes, this is all sung to the tune by Ms Newton John herself, "Physical". The boy gets a kick out of it. Who wouldn't? We started Evan on rice cereal a little while ago. He was so excited for the first bite!
"Uh, is this how it's supposed to taste?
'Cause this is definitely NOT good.
Seriously, I might have to just spit this all out.
Dad, has she made you try this stuff?!
Ooh, wait... when Dad feeds it to me, it magically tastes so much better!!
I'm watchin' you, lady...
But for today, it was way fun to watch you and daddy make ridiculous faces and noises at me! You guys are totally nuts and it was awesome!"
A few weeks later, we seem to be on a little bit better terms with cereal than this first encounter. At least Evan is. I hate it, honestly. It's time consuming, messy, and it seems like a waste of money. I really hate messes (Uh, wake up, right Sara? You have a son, now). But seeing how this is just the beginning of our feeding adventures with the baby (who doesn't even seem like a baby anymore, now that he's eating food! -tear), I decided I had to buck up and just go with it. So instead of constantly trying to keep Evan and myself spotless throughout each procedure, I decided when he starts to get messy and spitting and not taking the spoon, I just draw on his face with the cereal. It's already everywhere, anyways! He seems to think it's pretty silly, but it also makes him want the spoon. I guess since I'm actually not putting it in his mouth, that makes him want it. Perfect sense! Here's our latest face, as of yesterday. (Don't mind all of my laundry on the couch!) May I add, I managed to get out with no cereal on my clothes or skin, just in my hair. That's a major improvement!

I was trying to go for a mustache and goatee. I think it turned out pretty darn good! I wonder what today's drawing will be. Any suggestions?Who wants a hug?! (And maybe, if you're lucky, a big baby smooch, too!!!)


stacey said...

I don't really trust that table not collapsing under baby...

PS Put that baby in a purple dress and add some wings, and it's like looking at a picture of you.

Tunbridge's said...

Me! I want a baby hug from him! He is seriously sooooo cute!

the Missouri Crew said...

Hi Sara, it's Nate's cousin Linnae. It has been so fun to see you all online. Our little Becca is just a month older than Evan, so I can totally relate to most of what you post! I'm weird about the cereal messes too--I always keep a damp paper towel on hand for those times when she manages to dunk her hand in the bowl (or suck on her fingers, or grab the spoon...)at least it doesn't smear quite as far that way. Just wait until you start baby food--let the funny faces continue!

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

I love the pictures, but I think I love your commentary even more!! It's funny how when Dad's do things it's so much more exciting.

Can't wait to see you soon and pinch that baby's cheeks!!!!

And, I think you should draw an "A" for Aggie on his face next. :)

deidra said...

His little arm waving like crazy in the first picture kills me. "Yay cereal!"

It's awesome that you just embrace the messiness. Just wait until he starts blowing when you try feeding him, or is old enough to fling yogurt off the spoon and all over the place. (Ahem-- Lincoln! He's gotten pretty naughty with his eating habits the last few meals I've eaten with them.)